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The Nonsense thread

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I can fucking hear that sound      also-Are there real people behind the political spam texts?   earlier....    

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the only 50 cent song i like. yes i know hes a liar who fronts for vitamin water money & isnt an actual gangster.. most rappers arent.. thats just some bullshit to be "cool"/perpetuate a hateful society.. but this is still a good one


lines that give me the chills:


many men wish death upon me

blood in my eyes dawg & i cant see

im trying to be what im destined to be - & niggas trying to take my life away


lord i dont cry no more, dont look to the sky no more - have mercy on me

have mercy on my soul, somewhere my heart turned cold (cant lie - i do look to the sky constantly & am not past crying.. but i can imagine some lost soul saying this. thats corny, but yeah)


sunny days wouldnt be special if it wasnt for rain

joy wouldnt feel so good if it wasnt for pain

death gotta be easy, cause life is hard - itll leave you physically, mentally, & emotionally scarred

this is for my niggas on the block twisting trees & cigars

for the niggas on lock, doing life behind bars

i dont see only God can judge me cause i see things clear - quick these crackers will give my black ass a hundred years


i aint gonna spell it out for you motherfuckers every time - are you illiterate nigga? you cant read between the lines


now its clear that im here for a real reason, cause he got hit like i did but he aint fucking breathing

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yo....if you are at a television and are seriously fucked up, just turn on the 5 second

live delay on CNN of a plane flying around about to crash land. awesome.

8 people on board are fearing death by the fucking second, and I am sitting at my

laptop looking at big ass titties on chubby girls cause that's what gets me off, laughing.


nonsense. complete and utter fucking nonsense.

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