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The Nonsense thread


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A Madison man driving around downtown early Sunday morning spotted his stolen car out on the road, although at first he didn't know his car had been stolen.


The 38-year-old Madison man's BMW X5 was in an auto repair shop in the 2300 block of South Stoughton Road -- or so he thought, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.


While driving, the man noticed a BMW X5, which looked very similar to one he owns. It even had the same tree-style air freshener hanging from the rear-view mirror.


Police said the man pulled up alongside and could see two men in the front seat and two women in the back. They were listening to loud music, and the man could feel the thumping bass.


Police said the man next noticed the license plate on the BMW X5, and realized that this was in fact his car, which had been stolen.


The man drove to the Stoughton Road auto repair business, where he had dropped his car the prior Monday, and he discovered it was now gone, according to the incident report.


Auto repair staff later said the car was still there at the close of business on Saturday and that it must have been stolen hours before the owner spotted it cruising around in downtown Madison, police said.






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^^"These are not "people" as people refer to human beings. This is a pack of wild, feral and violent coloreds that are a dangerous sub-species and should never be compared to humans at any time under any circumstance. They "behavior" should always be compared to animals as that is what they are. It is an insult to humans for us to be compared to negros.


This was colored on colored so there is no crime and no humans were involved. How can anyone who watches this video even begin to think they are "just like us" as they are not and never will be no matter how much their human race traitorous lovers believe they can be.


Jim Crow laws and segregation need to be reinstated for the protection of innocent humans, as these colored animals chimpout over anything and everything, since they can not be shipped off to their muddaland."

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