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The Nonsense thread

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I can fucking hear that sound      also-Are there real people behind the political spam texts?   earlier....    

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Since the normal sexual intercourse is very painful for me and really do not like thick dildos, I figured out really strange way to have fun by myself. Having sex with flies. I am spending 10 months in Central Africa right now and a lot of flies around here. I will give them free to play with my titties and pussy. They can smell female pheromones (my friend explained to me) in my urine and especially tacky, creamy vaginal discharge makes them crazy, and very aggressive, so I spread my legs and just watch. I got the idea to all of this, when I saw the once they hit my dirty panties attack. Only seconds the flies ate all excreta pants. Here is a smaller brown sand-flies (more aggressive) and the big fat black finger head-sized house-flies (more patience to examine all the cavities). I really love the look at them when they are violently attacked my pussy one after another and finally there is a thick cloud of them. They are really fighting for the place to suck every drop of my juice and my eat my clit. Im not get just moist, I get wet and the flies are downright horrific greedy pussy secretions. They like to feed on the light gray sticky mucus which leaks out about me, they do not waste any. All is lost rapidly. Their favorite thing to do is crowd my pee hole and try to dig in. My pee-hole stretched a little because I'm stimulated by using a pen and now it's pays back. It makes them much easier to go deeper in... I got new tricks to use. Im pushing hollow hair-roll inside me and it keeps my hole open to the end to keep way open in. Believe it or not, it looks really scary but at the same time feels absurdly wonderful :) Ive never cuming so hard... I do not even know before this is what a real orgasm and I really love it helpless feeling when they greedily take over my sensitive place. :) I know it all sounds like a pervert, and that is what it is, but it put me to get orgasms over and over again. Imagine that sensation which never ends... it will continue until the explode your mind...the vibrator that you can not control. A perfect G-spot orgasm. KA-BOOM and the perfect explosion !! You can not even spell your name after that :D :D So I give them to do everything they ever come up with....and they do not really hesitate to do.... Some model said that none of girl does not do anything like that for themselves and that is so disgusting. In my opinion, in particular, it makes it so incredibly arousing. Twenty-one girls and few men around the world have told me privately that he had been very excited and curious about this idea. Fourteen girls said to have made, or intends to definitely try this. One of them was pregnant. Her bf to help them to go inside her... cool. (Story you send me was really really arousing. You did look still so skinny (pic of you in sixth month) and thanks for tips.) One girl told her and her boyfriend tried together, and having experienced some incredible orgasms. I can believe them. Hah. Two girls told let the flies tickle and eat their nipples and tits as them fingers themselves. Have fun sisters !! Our little nasty hobby has had a number of fans around the world; USA, Romania, Russia, Italy, Hungary, Philippines, Lithuania, Belgium, Spain, England, Egypt, Japan, Australia, Estonia and Colombia. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&& I have some other kinky tricks to share with you if youre interested. I would much appreciate so many new fearless girl friends to discuss the degree of a special way to enjoy sex :D :D




skinny bitch is actually cute though...

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