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The Nonsense thread

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hot damn.


not too bad for very disprivalaged.

NEAGTIVE 340 AND im white!


I guess im kinda not homeless anymore.





ima have to make up some shit.....this dont even look right.

(rant begins noaw)


there are tax write offs for being blind but not deaf.

and i really dont think you can draw dis ability for it here.

YET when it comes to certain jobs and being categorized (like above) it is a major handicap.


common sense should definitely give a +100

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+140, guess i'm pretty fucking privileged, white power!


sounds like bullshit to me. a poor white male is priviledged, but a gay male who makes 100-250k a year isn't? doesn't add up. it doesn't matter if people don't like you for sucking dicks, if your making a quarter of a mil annually im pretty sure you have the ability to drown them all out with that money. broke honkeys like i aren't priviledged, fuck outta here.


black gay millionares are hella dispriviledged you guys. lets start a petition!

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I think survival skills need to be added to that list also- +75 AT LEAST

fuck it

me= according to the said demoographics up there.






nonreligious (us)

toggle poor/homeless


Able bodied YET deaf




but ima death cheater and have seen the other side

and been through a world of unfortunates


would still live my life a million times over because i think its fantastic.

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My bull shit meters going off on this one.


Assuming a rapist or other violent criminal is innocent until proven guilty, insinuates that the victim is guilty until proven innocent. Like math, in social justice both sides of the equation must balance.


Our insistence that we treat potential criminals with fairness at the expense of potential victims is a patriarchally constructed lie. Women are the target of most heinous crimes, men are typically the offenders.


We give credence and concede much of our human rights when we perpetuate these dangerous myths.



I think the innocent until proven guilty "rule" is designed more to protect people who actually need a fair chance to tell their story


assuming innocence is something that every kinda knows is bullshit, but it's designed as a safe general rule for really big grey areas of circumstances.


knawm saying?

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