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The Nonsense thread


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Okay, it's kind of a long story, but here goes.....

I was 18 and my boyfriend asked me to come over to watch a movie and have a few drinks. Now, I've seen more helmets than hitler, but the sight of his brie baton made my tuna tunnel tears trickle like a hungry pug at a trough. Leaving my panties sunny side up on the floor was the least of my worries as his ocean's 11 inches rammed deeper into my brown mile. Hours of plowing like this would leave any girl's hairy goblet looking like a manatee in yoga pants, and I was no different! The unrelenting orgasms from his cheese-crusted cock hammering my depravity cavity made me come so hard, I began sweating like a paedo during a prison riot. The fucking makes me flood my fallopian fish stock all over his long-dong silver. The filling of his Da Vinci load dripping down my throat got my spaff flowing quicker than greased shit off a shiny shovel.

The fucking of my chocolate starfish was so vigorous, he soon found his man berries joining his slut slayer deep in my shit winker. Within no time, I could feel the shitty steamin' semen seeping from my fudge factory and all over my swollen budgie's tongue. The feeling of his steamin semen flowing down my throat got my fallopian fish stock flowing quicker than snot off a whip. My vaginal bacon buffet was trembling like Michael J. Fox licking a car battery.

I awoke the next morning with my curly fuck trench still flowing. I thought it was over but his love lollipop had other ideas. The thrusting makes me flood my sex wee all over his cunt plunger. He pitched a giant hardened fudge nugget on my rack just so he could devour it up like a bulldog eating porridge. The mixture of corn-eyed butt snake and penis pudding in my fart valve created the delicious sphincter sauce that he was so fond of.

With my swollen budgie's tongue now much like the south end of a badger going north, he thought it was time to start showing my rusty sheriff's badge. Is now the time to tell him I really need to crown a butt nugget, I wondered? By now, my penis pothole was draining like Augustus Gloop at Willy Wonka's chocolate river. He munched on my Velcro triangle, even though I'd been surfing the crimson tide for the best part of a week. I couldn't wait to lap the man fat from his gristle missile.

The unrelenting orgasms from his thrill drill hammering my cum dumpster made me come so hard I began sweating my blind lesbian fish shop. The pounding makes me flow my shrimp sap all over his baloney pony. After having my sperm socket pounded, he then proceeds to fuck my oxo orifice.

My cake hole was so full of throbbing quim dagger and love mayonnaise, the love piss was leaching down my chin and onto my fiery biscuits. With his tenderloin truncheon hammering deep into my south mouth, the sensation of his cream reaper smashing my cervix made me quake like Muhammad Ali on a tumble dryer. Once agian, the unrelenting orgasms from his washington monument thrusting my kipper dingly made me come so hard, I began sweating like a gypsy near an unlocked shipping container.

And that's how I lost my virginity.


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My work...


To kick of 2013 as the year of expanding our minds, we've started a new series of lunchtime learning sessions to inspire and provoke. Every other session we aim to have an outside speaker (like Florentijn) in to do a Q+A and talk about their work, and other times we'll have activities, discussions, and review work/interesting stuff.


In addition to mind expansion we'll also offer some belly expansion in the form of some delicious lunchtime snacks, which is no means a bribe to get you to come along…


Sessions will mostly take place on Wednesday lunchtimes every couple of weeks and will run from 30 mins to an hour. If you have any suggestions or requests of people to have in, please speak to myself or Jay, we'd love to organise it.


Our first session is next Wednesday with Jane Jameson. She's a high-class escort that has used social media and digital marketing to build up her brand online. She'll give us a short presentation, and then we'll open the floor to questions: http://www.jane-jameson.com/. I'm pretty sure you've got something you've always wanted to ask a high-class escort so get your questions ready (however sordid they may be).


Hope you can make it



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