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The Nonsense thread


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In1989, I remember seeing the new silver R32s on the E line, Even though they also had R46s running on that line as well. The F was ALL R46s during that time. I could be wrong but i also think i remember the 71st Avenue and Continental stop not being the last stop on the R line. I remember the R train going past 71st Avenue into Jamaica. With that being said, both the E and the F skipped 75th Avenues. Now the F stops there all the time cuz the R terminates at 71st Avenue

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Hey, let's wear our socks on THE OUTSIDE!



massgraff's name all over it.



Yo son you gotta take me to get them Clarks, man

Yo, check it out, yo

Yo, I got a new, yooo! Niggas don't even know son

Yo check the joint, boom

Yo I got a crazy idea how to do Clarks now

Check it out, boom, this is how you freak 'em, boom

You go get you go get the cream joints right? Boom

Now now, all you all you dye, is this shit right here, boom

And this, you know what I'm saying? Any color you want

But it'd be like, blue and cream, you know what I'm saying?

Shit like that, niggas don't even know

But son word is bond I'mma rock niggas this summer

On the real, know what I'm saying?

Yo son, I had crazy visions

Check it out check it out check it out, boom

Just imagine if you buy, woo! Check it out

Just imagine you bought navy blue, right

A navy blue, a navy blue pair right, boom

Of this, of this shit, know what I'm saying?

But dyed get this dyed cream on top

Just imagine that color like

But you got it dripping like it's marble cake like...

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