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The Nonsense thread


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"about a few weeks to a month ago, i was leaving my friends by walking through this bigass empty parking lot thats been put out of service. i had eaten nothing all day except one huge meal with soup, chicken, etc before leaving his place. about 4/5ths of the way through said parking lot, i had the worst pre-shart pains & a badly churning stomach in general... it couldnt wait. i made sure nobody was around, then took off my nice pants & boxers to make sure they wouldnt get any accidental velocity/running stains in the process.. then let it rip. it was one of the runs ive ever dealt with; loud farts as shit came splattering out at every possible angle, almost exactly like in the WOW episode of south park where cartmans mom caught his diarrhea. as i threw away the second sock after making sure i was stain-free, still squatting - it started raining hard. i took a flick of this inconvenient, eventful shit. ill post it later tonight in the pies thread - been meaning to drop one for a while, but been lazy " quoted

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Sitting here during happy hour, drinking by myself on my birthday weekend, listening to some below average Asian chicks next to me talking about their below average Asian dudes, with their above average salary makes me wanna shut them up somehow. Their voice is annoying.

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