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The Nonsense thread

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i just repost what i think is worth reposting.. dont really cares where the shit comes from


sorry to have offended you by not being some internet wizard :huh:


lol offended?


naw i just find shit like this interesting...an age where misinformation is rampant , and it is the townspeople making the mischief.


if i come off as cynical and overbearing in here then its more or less my own failure for not being clear and unbiased when i post about such things...if you dont care where these come from i aint gonna shove it down your throat..but sure as shit there are prolly a lot of other people that do want to know..


so its more a side effect of my own curiosity


truth be told..the only places i go to related to chan culture are 420chan since 2007 and encyclopedia dramatica since 08...so its on me for being deluged with these things way the fuck before most people do..but i think it is up to others to not be spoon fed and seek out the humorous and absurd


what others find funny is up tp them...in the long run my opinion shouldnt influence the flow of this thread singlhandededly.....its all shit ive said before at one point or another..i aint that original and was just pointing out something so you knew what the fuck it was.


its the nonsense...not the orry thread






my wall of noncopied text quota is filled for the year...thank you for your time buhbye

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