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The Nonsense thread

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More than 8 over, I'm going to pull you over and at least talk to you. I try to be as nice as possible- but If I talk to you and you're an entitled douche, you're going to get a ticket.






DONT SHIFT AROUND. Keep your hands on the wheel in front of you.


Take the keys out of the ignition and placing them on the dash (we want to know you're not going to attempt to flee or reverse into me or my patrol car).


If you're going to reach over into your glove box to get you insurance/registration, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ANNOUNCE THAT YOU ARE DOING THAT. My heart stops when people just lunge and do this without telling me. I really want to know you're not reaching for a gun or something.


If you concealed carry, please announce it. It may not be legally required, but it's courteous to the officer. It also gives me the opportunity to chat with you about various firearms- one of my favorite small talk topics next to basketball and cars.


Speeding is dangerous. It may be convenient, but it's dangerous. Lord knows I sped religiously in my youth, and still do every now and then; but after seeing so many goddamned traffic fatalities that could have been mitigated or prevented if people went at or below the posted speeds, I can tell you speeding really is not worth it.

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