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The Nonsense thread

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...which would be nonsense. Also sleeping in a bed which seems to be made of some kind of virtually uncleanable porous foam without blankets is also nonsense.

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Do animals exist?




Why do animals exist?

If you are religious, then God created them. If not, the answer is pretty much unknown, although animals as we see them today are decended from others, so they were created through evolution.


If you are religious, then God created them. If not, the answer is pretty much unknown, although animals as we see them today are decended from others, so they were created through evolution.

Why do animal exist?

the most logical answer would be that they were created to help keep our planet ecosystem in balance, without animals, earth would eventually become ininhabitable.


the most logical answer would be that they were created to help keep our planet ecosystem in balance, without animals, earth would eventually become ininhabitable.

How many animal species of animals exist?

Why would animals not exist if plants did not exist?

Animals would not exist without plants because plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. So if plants were not there we would not get oxygen and die. Plants also give us food and if we do...

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Was chilling at the computer, felt a fart coming on. It

felt suspicious, but having taken a dump already today,

I was feeling confident. I forced it out. Hard. My

confidence was ill-placed. Suddenly, a vast torrential

explosion of liquid feces escaped my bunghole. I

clenched, to no avail. My sphincter began to spasm as

the shit continued to flow. All hope was lost. I finally

managed to get a tight enough squeeze as to get it

down to a slight drizzle, instead of a war crime. I stood

up, checked my pants, I indeed had shat myself. I went

to the bathroom, and literally peed out of my anus.

The liquid was very thin, almost soup-like, a fine layer

of oil on the surface of it. I have cheap toilet paper that

doesn't absorb (Think public park bathroom TP) so I

had to use roughly 3/4 a roll to clean my ass, with every

other piece of TP needing to be wet in the sink prior to

wiping, as to help moisten the already crusting fecal

matter. After about 20 minutes, I felt victorious. Oh,

how I was foolish. I walked back into my room, and

what I beheld profoundly altered my consciousness. I

had shit on my chair. I don't know how. It wasn't even

in the seat, which is what truly perplexed it. I had shat

upon my arm rest. A large splatter of anal magma lay

oozing off the side, dripping onto the bottom of the

chair and even my fucking carpet. I had shit the carpet,

and my chair. I paused for a moment. Why. Why God.

The feces had already began to harden in my carpet, so

emergency dish soap was necessary. I'm now sitting in

a sparkling clean chair, on freshly washed carpet, in

different pants, with no shit in them. I am a king of this

domain. I am the king of sharts. All who pass through

my domain must bow before me.

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ever wondered why superheros have capes? if you wanted to get them you could just wrap their capes around their heads and run or something. sorry superman i didn't mean to step on your cape.


what about those skin tight suits they wear, talk about a serious wedgie! wow i'm glad i'm not a superhero.


i wonder how they get out of those things to go to the bathroom. you think they have those easy access thingys like longjohns?


yes yes i have way too much time on my hands.




lol view original post hijinks ...almost forgot about this small short lived fad on 12oz

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pop gun war. the interview. - 01-11-2002, 09:20 PM

man6000: so popgunwar eh

man6000: tell me a little about the name itself

MOOV: yeah one of many identities

MOOV: hmmm well its actually a stolen title.

MOOV: from a comic book i like

man6000: oh i see.

man6000: do you read alot of comics?

MOOV: sorta

MOOV: i read the newspaper comics daily

MOOV: and books on occasion

man6000: do you like spiderman?

MOOV: no

man6000: do you think he could take batman

MOOV: i hate "superhero" comics

MOOV: i think batman is way cooler

MOOV: batman is an insomniac who has a butler

MOOV: thats rad

man6000: even tho he has no real powers

MOOV: yeah hes buff though and chills in classy enviroments

MOOV: sorta like me haha

man6000: hahah sure buddy.

man6000: ok moving on

MOOV: well im workin on the buff thing

MOOV: haha

MOOV: ok

man6000: ok, do you have a beard?

MOOV: no i cant even grow sideburns yet

man6000: would you like a beard?

MOOV: i do have a sorta goatee when i get lazy though

MOOV: nah beards are for lumberjacks.

MOOV: and arabs

man6000: what about a thin beard?

MOOV: nah thats some homo shit

MOOV: i dont like beards

man6000: ok fine.

MOOV: haha why do you have one?

man6000: im aing he qesios hepl

MOOV: ? was that german?

MOOV: haha

man6000: im asking the questions here pal

MOOV: ok

man6000: what do you think about graffiti these days

MOOV: hmmm

man6000: like it or hate it

MOOV: combo

MOOV: i think that whitekids who do cholo style suck...

MOOV: and i hate all the trends that people go through

MOOV: and....

MOOV: graffiti elitism....

man6000: agreed. moving on. whould you shop at walmart?

MOOV: its writing on shit for christs sake

MOOV: hell yeah walmart is the jam at like midnight

man6000: really? it closes at arounjd 9 here

MOOV: you can mullet scope and buy britney spears gummi worms

MOOV: its 24 hours here

man6000: wow i should move.

MOOV: indeed.

man6000: britney or christina?

MOOV: Britney.

MOOV: no contest

man6000: why?>

MOOV: she has luscious thighs and lusty breasts and a tight ass and a cute face

MOOV: and i bet she moans

man6000: you think those tits are real?

MOOV: no

MOOV: but i dont really care cause in reality ill never feel em...

MOOV: but....

man6000: do you prefer girls shaved or unshaved?

MOOV: i heard that her and timberlake made some pornos

MOOV: at their cabin

MOOV: unshaved

man6000: really? do you have a hook up?

MOOV: i just heard this info today...

MOOV: the tapes are gonna be released online or some shit

man6000: id like to see that but moving on,

man6000: ewok.com or ewok hm or just simply cosmo kramer?

MOOV: oh man....

man6000: ok never mind. the answer is obvious.

MOOV: i hate ewok.com's shit. its just not my style...and i bet he wears ecko and sean jean and shit just from what i heard....

MOOV: ewok hm has some flavor. but i bet hed hate me

man6000: really? moving on again. p diddy or puff daddy?

MOOV: and kramer reminds me of my best friend, leroy.

man6000: kramer is the man. no contest.

MOOV: fuck them both.

MOOV: oh wait

MOOV: its the same fag

MOOV: he banged j-lo though

MOOV: thats some punk points

man6000: he gets props.

MOOV: definitely

man6000: ok, no on to another section.

man6000: i say a word, you say what comes to mind.

MOOV: ok

MOOV: ok

man6000: banana

MOOV: penetrate

man6000: boogie hands

MOOV: haha no

man6000: washing machine

MOOV: theft

man6000: graffiti

MOOV: john travolta

man6000: sports jacket

MOOV: indeed

man6000: ok this is going nowhere

man6000: more questions

MOOV: yes

man6000: do you like high fashion

MOOV: of course i do.

man6000: do you like prada?

MOOV: god yes.

man6000: i thought so.

MOOV: their new line for this spring kicks ass

man6000: i agree.

MOOV: and i think i found a way to come up on some

man6000: so, where is your dream travel destination

MOOV: tavarua in the fiji islands

man6000: why?

MOOV: crystal clear water and endless glassy lefts.

man6000: that sounds nice. would you takeme there with you?

MOOV: if you surf, sure

man6000: would we go for long walks on the beach

MOOV: thats negative. we'd have our women with us.

MOOV: they'd occupy us in our huts

man6000: i like this idea.

man6000: so what do you plan on doing this friday night?

MOOV: tonight?

man6000: yes.

MOOV: can't say or id disclose my location.

MOOV: it'll involve alot of gasoline though.

man6000: ok. wheres the wierdest place youve had sex.

MOOV: in a rocketship nosecone in the middle of the day, or in an abercrombie dressing room while i was working.

man6000: wow. thats crazy. where do you find these girls?

MOOV: it was only one.

MOOV: she found me

MOOV: she was phillipino

MOOV: haha

man6000: nice. good score.

man6000: was it raw sex?

MOOV: yeah she was fun.

man6000: would you do it in a mcdonalds bathroom?

MOOV: nah

MOOV: in the ballpit maybe

MOOV: but restrooms are grimey

man6000: ok.

man6000: you think theyll find osama?

MOOV: nope

MOOV: i think we're gonna get nuked here in the US though

man6000: if you were him where would you hide?

MOOV: its gonna come in through a harbor

MOOV: ummm

MOOV: i'd go to some sheeba's palace in arabia or somethin

man6000: why there? why not disneyland?

MOOV: cause disney is for suckers

MOOV: dont even get me started on cartoons

MOOV: haha

man6000: yeah i wont. smarties or m&ms?

MOOV: smarties!!!!!!

MOOV: i snorted that shit in middleschool

MOOV: before the s.a.t.'s

man6000: i got one stuck up my nose one time

MOOV: no joke...crushed em up with my #2 pencil and snorted them through a hollow pen shell

man6000: thats pretty gross

MOOV: it made me bleed

man6000: your ass was bleeding?

MOOV: nope

MOOV: nose bleed

MOOV: my ass never bleeds

man6000: are you sure?

MOOV: i coughed up blood when i did alot of morphine once though

MOOV: yeah pretty sure

man6000: do you smoke meth?

MOOV: no i dont smoke

MOOV: i stick to liquor and pills

man6000: ok

man6000: im about out of questions, anything youd like to say

MOOV: about what?

man6000: any props or anything

MOOV: hmmm

MOOV: yeah whynot.

MOOV: thanks man ill take the props.

MOOV: ive had many screen names on 12oz

MOOV: so i deserve props

MOOV: i should be elite by now

man6000: ohhhh elite thug. well sure thanks for the interview



ttis man6000 popgunwar is moov






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