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The Nonsense thread


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"You have 20 seconds to comply": South Korea unleashes

robot guards

By Curt Hopkins | Published about 2 hours ago

In South Korea's Pohang prison, three of the guards are not

like the others. They are... robots! The so-called "Robo-Guard"

technology is currently being live-tested in the hopes that

automation can reduce costs and help to make the prison

environment safer.

The five-foot tall, Korean-designed robot, which patrols the

hallways between cells on thick rubber wheels, is equipped

with a number of cameras, including 3D, a microphone and

speaker, and software designed to evaluate inmate behavior.

If the robot determines the behavior of an inmate is out of the

ordinary, it will alert a human guard. It can also be manually

directed by means of an iPad.

According to Phys.Org , the robotos also function as "wireless

two-way communications devices." They allow inmates and

guards to communicate with each other immediately and


Arguably, this would also speed up response times during


The one-month trial will cost better than $750,000. If it proves

viable, the Asian Forum of Corrrections hopes to employ them

permanently. It also hopes to fine tune them so they can carry

out random weapon and contraband searches.

It does not require an excess of imagination to picture how

wrong that might go.

Photograph by cdn2.ubergizmo.com

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Okay, I was just at a party and my friend hooked me up with this girl he knew from school. I was super nervous. well anyway as we leave she takes me into her car. my heart started beating like crazy. I was real tense. she then unzipped my pants, put her hand on my dick and as soon as she did that I immediately came and then I started farting. I felt so awkward about it I just looked at the floor and wanted it to end. when it finally did she just left. I couldnt even look up at her, she just walked out and I went home. Right now I feel so uncomfortable and naked, can you comfort me?








What's scarier than an alien race trying to take over the Earth? An alien race that you forget the second you look away. They're like the opposite of Weeping Angels. Weeping Angels are scary, but at least you can remember not to blink! When you look away from a Silent, you forget it was ever there.

The Doctor and his friends use the Nanorecorder to help them remember their encounters with members of The Silence. Record a message up to 10 seconds long and the red light will come on, letting you know you are ready for your injection. Of course, this particular Nanorecorder won't actually inject a glowing red thing into your palm. Pesky FDA, ruining a perfectly good product idea.

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mandy marilyn britney tiffany candice brandy heather channing brianna amber sabrina melody dakota sierra baby crystal samantha autumn ruby taylor tara tammy laura sharlene shantelle courtney misty jenny crista mindy noelle shelby triona riba cassandra nicky kelsey shauna joline erline claudia savannah casey dolly kendra collen chloe demi emma F**KIN BECKY!!?

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New perfume smells of semen and sweat



Want a scent with a distinct fragrance that no one else has?

Well, blood, sweat, saliva and a dollop of sperm is just the thing for the stinking rich, if a perfume on sale at Harvey Nichols is anything to go by.

PerfumeSOLENT_450x350.jpg The Sécrétions Magnifiques perfume

The perfume, Sécrétions Magnifiques, contains the smell of all those things and still sells for £76 a pop.

Maker Etat Libre d'Orange markets it as a raunchy alternative to the likes of Poison and Chanel No.5, calling it 'subversive' and 'disturbing'.

The company said: 'It's love or hate at first sight. Like blood, sweat, sperm, saliva, Sécrétions Magnifiques is as real as an olfactory coitus that sends one into raptures, to the pinnacle of sensual pleasure.

'Tongues and sexes find one another, pleasure explodes and all goes wild.'

The perfume mixes accords – a blending of scents – to recreate the smell of blood, sweat, saliva and semen with the more pleasant odours of coconut and sandalwood. Perfume expert Roja Dove said the aroma was a refreshing alternative to bland fragrances.

'The kind of people who will like this range are people who think they are being really, really alternative and going against the establishment and being really rather racy,' he said.

'But it is a bit of a mystery why anyone would want to smell of sweat, blood, saliva and sperm.'

Another perfume in the range is Jasmin et Cigarette, which does exactly what it says on the tin, stinking of jasmine and uh, cigarettes.

A spokesman for Harvey Nichols, the only shop in the country to stock the range, insisted it was popular. 'Niche fragrances tend to do very well in our fragrance offering,' he said.

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