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The Nonsense thread

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Not giving a fuck about said circumstance. Nonsense.

Bear getting fired. Nonsense

Being eaten by a grizzly bear because you look like meat. Nonsense

Me: complete nonsense. Morning 12oz. Cheers.

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Cope2 being a douchebag(apparently. Not that I really care about some fat bastard who hasn't changed style since I was a kid) is nonsense. Drue hitting him off with some fuck you: not nonsense.

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Milk that may appear by smell to be perfectly consumable (even organic), can contain contaminants such as suspended particles, parasites, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Through extensive recruitment within the upper echelons of society, we deliver the finest milk purified in a way only we can. Our secret ingredient is in the process through which rich, beautiful, white girls gargle your milk to absolute perfection. It's her touch that sets us far above the rest. Our diverse selection includes West Coast, The South, New England, New York, and London. Each of the carefully selected girls offer subtle differences of background, yet what they share is most important. All are waiting to clean your milk with their mouths. That is our promise to you!


To be eligible to filter White Power Milk, each white girl must be accredited as socially elite and deemed physically in superb health. However, rarely is it necessary to involve interviews or doctors. When we find the right girl from the right family, we just know.


The purification process begins with the purest raw organic cow's milk (absolutely no bovine growth hormone, no antibiotics, and no pesticides in the feed). This milk is stored in our Upper East Side, Manhattan cold storage facility awaiting your order. At that time, she enters our adjoining private spa area, and meets her attendant (usually a fellow White Power Milk gargler). The attendant collects her jewelry and clothing, assists in her bathing, and directs her mouth rinsing regimen. Needless to say, her dental health, and overall oral health is flawless.


Finally, she is led to the gargling room where she purifies your milk carefully for the allotted time the attendant dictates. The longer she gargles the milk, the more contaminants are able to be removed and the purer your milk becomes, so we, of course, recommend you request maximum purity. After she is done, the milk is deposited into your glass bottle, sealed, and returned immediately to cold room for delivery.






Would you like a video?

Delivery To

$125.00 USD


Sarah's milk is bold, characteristically thick and buttery like melted vanilla ice cream. Collectors tend to enjoy her as a dessert. A little goes a long way, so take your time. Allow her flavors to permeate the mouth slowly. It's not a race.




Age: 23

Birthdate: 9/17/1988

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 127

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Currently Residing: New York, New York

Descended from: The Taylor family (investments)

High School: The Webb School

College: Vanderbilt University

Major: Law

Relationship Status: Single, Never married

Hobbies: Horseback riding and reading



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hah ow wow..^ this one





This is one of my favorite things about ants -- the ant death spiral. Actually, it's a circular mill, first described in army ants by Schneirla (1944). A circle of army ants, each one following the ant in front, becomes locked into a circular mill. They will continue to circle each other until they all die. How crazy is that? Sometimes they escape, though. Beebe (1921) described a circular mill he witnessed in Guyana. It measured 1200 feet in circumference and had a 2.5 hour circuit time per ant. The mill persisted for two days, "with ever increasing numbers of dead bodies littering the route as exhaustion took its toll, but eventually a few workers straggled from the trail thus breaking the cycle, and the raid marched off into the forest."


Folks interested in things like self-organization, emergant properties, complex systems, etc. etc. like to point to this as a cautionary tale. I even found a reference to a group programming robots to interact like ants that accidentally produced this behavior in their robots. Apparently you can also reproduce this behavior in the lab by placing a glass jar into the surface. The ants will eventually circle the jar and continue to do so even after the jar has been removed. I assume just army ants. Wow, I wish we had an army ant colony in the lab.





















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An 81-year-old Half Moon Bay man on parole for murder didn’t respond well to running into a woman who had spurned his marriage proposal a year earlier, authorities said Tuesday.


Clyde Wilson Streets, 81, was arrested March 1 on Bloom Lane after he asked a friend where he could find a gun. Investigators fear he was scheming to shoot the woman, said Lt. Larry Schumaker, spokesman for the San Mateo County sheriff.


Streets proposed to the woman about a year ago, Schumaker said. She said no.


When Streets ran into her again, he became agitated, asked a mutual friend where he might be able to find a gun and implied he might shoot the woman, Schumaker said. The friend went to police.


Streets was convicted of murder in Plumas County, though Schumaker didn’t know when. As a paroled felon, Streets cannot carry a firearm, and his alleged inquiry was enough to get him arrested on suspicion of violating parole, Schumaker said. He is still in custody.



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I'm all for hating, but pointing out that Cope isn't trending a new hipster rap letter style, like that would make him cool br0, is pure nonsense.


If that was directed at me, ^^yup pure nonsense. Knowing when to speak and when to step the fuck back and shut the fuck up: not nonsense.

Putting in work before opening beak: not nonsense

Self hating on 12oz: attention seeking nonsense.


Still not knowing what a hipster is: nonsense.

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GoIng in to work slightly drunk, leaving early to come home and finish bottle: nonsense...maybe

Using the time wisely and finishing art projects: seriously?

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Whale survives harpoon attack 130 years ago to become 'world's oldest mammal'




Last updated at 23:37 13 June 2007


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A giant bowhead whale caught off the coast of Alaska had a harpoon point embedded in its neck that showed it survived a similar hunt ? more than a century ago.


Biologists claim the find helps prove the bowhead is the oldest living mammal on earth.


They say the 13-centimetre arrow-shaped fragment dates back to around 1880, meaning the 50-ton whale had been coasting around the freezing arctic waters since Victorian times.


Scroll down for more...


130-year-old weapon: The shiny scars on the weapon are a result of the chain saw cut


Because traditional whale hunters never took calves, experts estimate the bowhead was several years old when it was first shot and about 130 when it died last month.


"No other finding has been so precise," said John Bockstoce, a curator at the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts.


Calculating a bowhead whale's age can be difficult, and is usually gauged by amino acids in the eye lenses.


It is rare to find one that has lived more than a century, but experts now believe the oldest were close to 200 years old.


The weapon fragment lodged in a bone between the whale's neck and shoulder blade comes from a 19th century bomb lance.


bowhead whale


Bowhead whale: Thought to live up to 200 years but the recent discovery is the best proof yet


Fired from a heavy shoulder gun, the harpoon was attached to a small metal cylinder filled with explosives and fitted with a time fuse so it would explode seconds after it was shot into the whale.


Experts have pinned down the weapons manufacture to a New England factory in about 1880 and say it was rendered obsolete by a less bulky darting gun a few years later.


Even though the device probably exploded, the bowhead was protected by a one foot thick layer of blubber and thick bones it uses to break through ice one foot thick to breathe at the surface.


Scroll down for more...


The fragment alongside a similar but unfired bomb lance patented in 1885.


"It probably hurt the whale, or annoyed him, but it hit him in a non-lethal place," said Mr Bockstoce.


"He couldn't have been that bothered if he lived for another 100 years."


The find adds growing weight to evidence that bowheads outlive all other mammals.


Six similar harpoon points have been found in the whales since 2001, all suggesting they live much longer than previously thought.


The oldest known ages for mammals are 110 years for a blue whale and 114 years for a fin whale.


The oldest documented human was a 122-year-old French woman, who died ten years ago.


moby dick


Famous novel: Captain Ahab, leading his crew on a hunt for the great whale Moby Dick


The only other mammal that comes close is elephants, which can live to 70 in captivity.


Scientists believe that the bowheads' longevity is the result of the tough environment where they live in the freezing arctic, where there are not abundant plankton and krill crustaceans to eat.


Consequently, the whales have a slower metabolism to stay warm as efficiently as possible.


Bowheads are an endangered species and there are currently about 8,000 to 12,000 left.


They travel in small pods and calves weigh as much as six tons at birth. Their only foes are man and orca whales.


Alaskan whalers found the harpoon fragment as they carved the 50-foot long whale up with a chainsaw after using a powerful 21st century gun to kill it.


While commercial whaling is now banned by international agreement, natives from Alaska, the Chukotka region of eastern Russia and Greenland are permitted to hunt a fixed number of whales for traditional, non-commercial consumption. In Alaska, meat from hunted whales is distributed to all residents of the hunters' villages.


Biologists can estimate the age of bowhead whales by studying the changes in levels of aspartic acid, an amino acid found in the eye lens and teeth.


Using bowhead eyeballs, each the size of a snooker ball, they say they can tell the whale's age by the amount of acid, which increases in quantity with the years.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-461703/Whale-survives-harpoon-attack-130-years-ago-worlds-oldest-mammal.html#ixzz1p7sv8228

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