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The Nonsense thread

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Oviduct prolapse is an often fatal condition in birds. When an egg is laid, the vagina everts through the cloaca to deliver the egg. Large eggs and avian obesity are contributors to this condition. Immediate veterinary assistance is paramount to the survival of a bird with prolapse. Even with immediate medical intervention the chances for survival are usually uncertain. Untreated birds will begin to tear at the injury site, and other flockmates will begin to cannibalize the prolapse area, a behaviour commonly known as pickout.

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Channel Zero is an independent Canadian broadcasting and media group, which holds assets in television broadcasting and film distribution.


The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ownership structure


Although there is a company named "Channel Zero", most of the group's assets are held through a set of related companies with the same owners:


Harold Balde – 25%

Anthony D'Andrea – 25%

C.J. ("Cal") Millar – 25%

Romen Podzyhun – 25%


A similar situation exists for the group's over-the-air stations, although the ownership differs slightly:


Christopher J. Fuoco and Kimberly S. Train – jointly own 30%

Romen Podzyhun – 23.4%

Anthony D’Andrea – 23.3%

Cal Millar – 23.3%



Specialty channels


Channel Zero owns and operates three specialty television channels:


Fight Now TV - an American sports channel devoted to combatant sports including boxing, wrestling, mixed-martial arts, and more.

Movieola - Short film channel, featuring content from around the world

Silver Screen Classics - Movie channel devoted to classic films from the 1930s through to the 1960s.


Channel Zero also has an interest in three adult category 2 digital cable channels:


AOV Adult Movie Channel

XXX Action Clips Channel

Maleflixxx Television


The 3 channels are a joint venture between Channel Zero, Adults Only Video & Sureflix Digital Distribution.

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the writing on the umbrella is in german (says alcohol free, for what that bullshit's worth)...so germany, austria, swtizerland, luxembourg.


EDIT* i just right clicked the photo, found its source on imgur...


Murren, Switzerland. bet the beer is fucking expensive.

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i want to go to here


I'm not sure if that is the Jungfrau, tough to verify with clouds.


Not the best of my flics, best I can do in short notice.



Berner Oberland is sick, been there 6 times.



RugenBrau is my drank.



Murren has some nice views of the Eiger on patios....



but I like eating at the rotating restaurant on the Schilthorn for luncheez.

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