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The Nonsense thread


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I don't remember taking this photo because I took this when I was blackout drunk.

I ended up 20+ miles from my home down the wrong freeway... I could've died driving at that speed or worse killed someone else. Could've Ryan Dunn'd myself (RIP)




Drunk driving is some real shit and I wanna stop before I learn my lesson the hard way, worse my family learns it.



Ya'll fucking be careful out there. Go hard this weekend, don't fucking go away Oontzers.[/color]






Quoting myself from the cell phone pic superthread...



Driving like a complete fuck is nonsense.

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Whos drunkin Bat-bitch up there?









Soooo...I don't know if you guys remember this lady, she was posted up before, and it's complete nonsense with the kids being present. anyways I diligently tried to find the identity of this lady, and with no luck, but I did find her blog, shes a German exhibitionist....


Heres some of her work...













And here's her - getting railed by some Holocaust victim...



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