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The Nonsense thread

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SEX WITH DR. JESS sexological research, education and







M is for Mastilagnia, Mechanophilia, Milking the Prostate,

Mooseknuckles and Muff Diving

Mastilagnia refers to deriving sexual

pleasure from whipping or being


Mechanophilia describes sexual attraction to machines

including trains, bicycles, planes and other mechanical devices.

If machines turn you on, you might want to check out this very

lifelike robot girlfriend who offers both conversation and sex!

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Left mine out the front of the hospital on Saturday.


Chained her up and left the key in the padlock.




She was still there.


Better than expected.

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my point is enough with this dumb ass justin biebers nikki manaj and lil b's ..and wtf is lil wayne wearing nowadays..his 2003 self would slap the shit out himsself..its like these niggas doin shit they think white ppl like and its fucking cool all of a sudden..hey lets get white boy wasted yea lets ride a skateboard and wear jeggings with pink on it.....BUT whites and anyone cant say the WORD niggah...hahaha fuck them niggas...2010 2011 sad sad years...hopefully shit gets real again....oh shit is it wierd that all the rappers we used to listen too before the lil wayne nikki drake wave came out are all on the intro/outro track in the carter 4....some shit going on....shits weak already...FUCK ILLUMINATI

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7. HULC Battlesuit

The HULC is essentially a wearable computer exo-skeleton that

senses the direction the wearer wants to go, and then

accelerates that movement using its battery- powered titanium

frame. Want to pick up something really, really heavy and drag it

a long distance? Cool, because this little bit of technology pretty

much turns the wearer into The Incredible Hulk – hence the


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lol dao is umad enough about his thread he spammed my picture...



also drugs booze cameras and lack of lotion is bad mmk .

it will only lead to some dude saving your picture and posting it 4 years later in attempt to make you mad or something...




also...i dont give a fuck.




also that raise youre hand bit was pretty funny i gotta admit

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So me and this girl are at a restaurant, and then she drop her potato, so I pick up her potato and she get mad at potato. So I drive her home and She says potato and I still have potato in my pocket so I offer it to her. And then she acts all disgusted at potato and throw potato on road. I then take potato home and stitch the skin back up and now I have potato. So wat do I do?

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