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The Nonsense thread

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I can fucking hear that sound      also-Are there real people behind the political spam texts?   earlier....    

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WHen did The Learning Channel, become the Exploitation of People with fucked up or odd personality traits.......................



any watch the one with the guy who likes to pull hair from drains, "I get nervous and jittery, and after im done I feel discuted with myself"


Thats a little how I feel when I get my fix from Gag Prons......................... BUT FUCK IT EH DO YO THANG

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Well, I suppose I'm taking a Far West Suburban perspective on this. So this is all quite bazzare.


If things are this bad in the city, I want my son out. He likes Lakeview and has been there for 2 months now. He recently asked me for a one way ticket to Brazil to study and work there for his graduation gift..Guess what, among other things he's got it.

Chicago is an arm pit of the Mid-West for sure. I've learned a lot here. Driving for my first time in the city a couple of weeks ago,I felt it was by far the most poorly planned habitat I have ever been in. Why is everything so crammed. And dirty, and the roads are a hideous mess,One Way, No that way,.honk as you leave allies so you don't hit people that don't pay attention. Among other stupid random rules the city has made up. Roads so narrow you can barely fit through.I've never seen so many damaged vehicles in my life! And no where to put your vehicle once you arrive at your destination. What a mish mosh of ........Bleh. I can't even think of a word. No wonder there are so many troubled people in the city. Everyone seems to be in a constant struggle.No matter what it is, it's all a struggle. How draining can that be day in day out. If I had to grow up in that enviroment, maybe I would have become an angry teen as well.....I'm upset just thinking about people having to grow up like that.

And if it's true, that you can't trust that a group of children 14-16 are just hanging out.......You can keep your city. That, is discusting. Why would anyone live there, what exactly is the attraction all I see here are negitive posts.Signing up for "Every Block" was one of the best things I could have done. All of the people here, not just in this post, have made all my fears reality. I was city phobic, thought I was just being a wimp. But now I know I was right all along. Chicago is a gross Pit Hole of troubled angry people.Primarily due to being such a poorly planned city/community. Too many people, too little space.

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