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The Nonsense thread

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a good "friend" of mine, someone that i go way back with (since about 12/started skating together/our families have known each other for years) took off after he stole around $800 dollars worth of misc. dvds from me a few night ago, after i let the motherfucker crash his bum ass here


7 seasons of csi vegas

3 seasons of the 3rd rock from the sun (also hard as fuck to find now)

a season of arrested development

4 seaons of king of the hill

2 seasons of mr. bean

& more


he drives a SHITBOX (thats probably not even registered because i dont think he has a fixed address anymore) around the city with his butch sister crashing at random scumholes/racking & comitting petty crimes/snorting bunk meds through canadian tire money/being the fucking redneck waste of air he is


this kid is now seriously JUST like ricky from trailer park boys, but younger/far dumber/less ethical


he has reocurring back problems from a skating injury years ago, so when i catch him slippin, im going to take a hammer to his spine, fuck it up real nice

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What did the terminal-rectal-cancer-patient say on his deathbed?






























































































































"My ass is killing me!"






































































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What's with that one little piece of shit that won't go down even after three flushes? What the fuck does it want?!?!?

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Man arrested for drive-by faeces attack

From correspondents in Tokyo, JapanAgence France-PresseAugust 17, 2009 08:36pm+-PrintEmailShare

A 39-year-old construction worker has been arrested for throwing his own faeces at women passers-by from a motorcycle in two separate attacks in western Japan, police said today.

The man turned himself in yesterday after making the second drive-by attack in Settsu, a satellite city near Osaka, and was detained on suspicion of assault, a municipal police spokesman said.


The worker, identified as Tatsuya Moriguchi, committed a similar assault in the same city on August 3, the police official said.


"The suspect has told investigators he did it because he felt frustrated when his work didn't go well,'' the official said.


"I have no idea what kind of penalty he may face. I have not heard about such a case before.''


In the first incident, Moriguchi relieved himself outdoors just before getting on his moped and throwing the faeces at the head of a woman in her 20s, the official said.

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