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New Graffiti books out in 2004, 2005 and beyond


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New Swedish book "Overground 2" is out for sale in 17th of June...in this book you can read about 8 of the most important Scandinavian graffiti writers:

Adams, Cazter, Finsta, Marvel, Nug, Sabe, Skil and Trama


Read more about the book here:



You can order it from Swedish site http://www.underground-productions.se/ and other shops that sells graffitimags.


To order from a bookshop, contact "Art Books International" that distributes the book worldwide at: sales@art-bks.com



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posting a book of stencils under a book on photorealism aerosol art is against all common morality.

what is this graff world coming to? soon we will all become urban street artists.



















just kidding. but im not much a banksy fan either.

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much agreed. besides the cattle bombing i respect his work. i guess i dislike the slew of stencil street artists that he spawned more than the guys actual stuff. for what does he definitely does it well. the aspect of him that i find questionable is his quote about not be able to paint trains fast enough lead him to take up stencils. i take that as he didnt have the patience to put in the time it takes to get better. but whatever just my 2cents

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Street Art From Five Continents.


From the author of the enourmously successful Graffiti World comes this spectacular follow-up celebrating the contributions of women to contemporary graffiti and street art.


Female writers have always been in the forefront of the graffiti movement, though

often shunted to the sidelines by their male counterparts. This exhaustive volume

places them front and center, featuring 1,000 full-color illustrations from some of

the world's most prominent artists, including Brazil's Nina, Japan's Sasu, Mexico's Peste,

and the Americans Lady Pink, Swoon, and Miss 17. Two eight-page fold-out collages,

a fold-out poster jacket, and an authoritative text round out the impressive package.

The first and only comprehensive survey of its kind, this book is sure to attract and

expand upon the wide and enthusiastic readership that made Graffiti World such a

runaway success.

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