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Wheatpasting 101


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There have been people asking here and there about wheatpasting, so I'll give the 411.

I nabbed this recipe from some political (Kind of)website.


Mix 3 parts flower, one part cornstarch, boiling that in water, (at proportios of 2 parts starch to 3 parts water.), and cooking it down to a paste. Hurry to stick up posters with it everywhere with it before it dries. You can keep your wheatpaste warm in winter by keeping it in a drink cooler. Try different variations of it until you find your personal favorite.

visit the page at www.crimethinc.com/library/youcan.html

They also have instructions on how to make a mop and a new york style mop also.

I'm going to try to find some different recipes to post in here later.

People should use wheatpasitng more as a way of getting over. It seems to be more accepted by the public too.

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Here is a recipe that is a little more coherent. taken from www.causecommunications.com/forgetus/posters.html



Use white or whole grain whear flour. Mix one part flour (e.g., 4 cups) with 3 parts water (e.g., 12 cups). Cook over medium heat until boiling, stir constantly to remove all lumps. Lower heat and let simmer for about 30 minutes. I never stop stirring. You may have to add water as it is cooking to get a substance that's smooth enough to use like paint but thick enough to stick to walls. Do not burn. Let cool before using.


How to put them up.

Apply a layer of paste to the surface in which you want to apply your poster.

Smooth your poster out over the paste, making sure the corners stick so it''s hard to get down. Some like to add a little paste over the front of the poster for added permanence.


I suggest everyone check out the page as I linked to it. It applies more to political wheatpasing but It's all the same.

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Home made is better. because a:

You can make as much of it as you want with what is in your kitchen.

B: I've heard that home made is actually more


If you're going to say that then go to the home made marker thread and tell everyone that markers are a dollar at the art store.

Maybe someone will appreciate the time I took typing that for everyone on here to use.

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I appreciate it. I'm just saying if you don't already have flour and cornstarch around...



The hardware store stuff is plenty permanent. When I was in the PGI we would use it to strengthen and fireproof 80lb craft paper onto the outside of aerial shells until it was nearly rock hard. Fragments of brown paper coated with this shit last for literally years laying on the ground through rain and everything, after being shot from a mortar at a few hundred fps and blown up in the air, and will retain their strength if they're not wet. Wonk saggin.

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Guest imported_b0b

Bump for a sensible thread.


Seems to be far too many people expecting instant answers or too many people just doing wise cracks and smart comments and not enough people actually contributing (that is in relation to The Yard in genreal). If you thought I am talking about you in this post, I probably am.

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anyone have any pictures of shit theyve designed?

www.robbieconnal.com has some good ones. i think thats how its spelled.


when i went to buy some at home depot, its was like 8.50 for a quart so its prollly cheaper to just make it. and im assuming that after you have used the brush, you have to rinse it out pretty well or the brush will be fucked, this right?

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Yeah that Ronnie Connal or however you spell it has some of the coolest posters. I saw a video about his shit. Wheatpaste is better to make yourself because it adds to the adventure and you can make as much as you want. Most homemade recipes I've seen them remain forever.

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hey odds got any stuff youve created? obviously youve experimented with this, any stuff you wanna share.

here is one i did but it was just an experiment this was just the poster

11x17. and i was reading somewhere that it is better to use thinner paper like that recyled shit becase its harder to get the whole poster to peel off.


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I'll be honest I've never wheatpasted. Never. I just new a few bits about it and thought I would bring it to the surface as a way of getting up. Just get tired of seeing the same ol methods of graffiti. I thought I would share what I knew about it, and others could share what they know about it. I'm glad some of you have utilized new ways of getting over.

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Originally posted by timemachine

word check out the OBEY site it has some info too, that guy is my hero

who's your hero, shepard fairey?

my goodness...













your right though, that guy is a master of wheatpasting propaganda & he's got a nice web site, which also contains some good links.


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what do you keep your wheatpaste in while out sticking posters up? i dont imagine that a bucket of wheatpase would be that easy to carry around, it is fairly conspicuous as well, could you put it in some sort of bottle? or would it be too gluggy and thick? how much is actually required to affix an A4 size poster to a wall?

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Sony Music Execs are spared ASBOs


Taken from BBC News Online


Top music chiefs are spared ASBOs


Sony Music chiefs have escaped Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBO) after promising not to commission any more illegal fly posting.


North London's Camden Council took the unprecedented action after receiving more than 1,000 residents' complaints.


But on Monday, action against Catherine Davies and Jo Headland was withdrawn at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court.


Another music company, BMG, could still face prosecution as it has not pledged to stop ordering fly posting.


Since the summonses were issued two weeks ago, fly-posting has largely dried up in the borough.

The companies have previously denied that they were involved in illegal fly-posting


The council claims that Sony and BMG jointly save more than £8m in advertising costs through fly posting on everything from shop hoardings to pillar-boxes in the borough.


The council estimates that dealing with illegal fly posting costs the Borough's taxpayers around £250,000 a year.


Fly posting has been defined as causing "harassment, alarm or distress" - the criteria required to gain an order.


Grime and Crime


And Richard Gruet, Camden Council's head of litigation, said after Monday's hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court: "Anti-social behaviour is anti-social behaviour, whoever engages in it.


"We have won an undertaking from Sony to the effect that they will not engage in fly-posting any more in this country. We welcome that.


"But I think it is a little unfortunate that BMG, who were given the opportunity to do the same undertaking in the same terms, have not done so - that gives us little choice but to pursue them in the courts very shortly."


A summons against BMG executive Lucy Handsford was withdrawn only because she is leaving the company in a week's time.


Mr Gruet said he had also spoken to Islington, Hastings and Greater Manchester Councils who are interested in taking similar tough action because there are close links between grime and crime levels.


Additonal BBC commentary, copied from an article similar in content to the one above:


Dame Jane Roberts, leader of Camden Council, said: "Fly posting is a similar sort of behaviour to graffiti, in that it involves the illegal and non-approved use of property, degrading that property and making an area seem uncared for and an unpleasant place to be.


"Fly posting has a detrimental impact on the value of property and contributes to people's fear of crime and, as a result, to actual criminal behaviour, which is why we are seeking to outlaw it."


A spokesman for BMG said they would be contesting the ASBO and a spokesman for Sony Music UK said they had no comment to make.


The companies will attend a court hearing at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court on 14 June to determine if the order is served on them.




freeque's commentary:


Interesting to note that the Sony Record Execs are spared an ASBO after promising not to engage in flyposting again.


Why is the same courtesy not extended to graffiti artists, who have been slapped with the orders after being convicted for a first offence?


This smacks of double-standards.

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Originally posted by wiseguy

what do you keep your wheatpaste in while out sticking posters up? i dont imagine that a bucket of wheatpase would be that easy to carry around, it is fairly conspicuous as well, could you put it in some sort of bottle? or would it be too gluggy and thick? how much is actually required to affix an A4 size poster to a wall?


Yeah, i've been thinking about this a lot as well. if anyone can answer Wiseguy's question, it would be greatly appreciated


I've been wanting to do some smaller scale wheatpastes (not on the level of posters but smaller standard letter sized paper formats)

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Originally posted by CrazyLazy

I'm gonna share a little secret with you all. Ok ok ok, I've walked around with a bucket and brush and posters before. But heres the real secret, no wheat paste. Use this spray adhesive called "super 77" trust me on that one.

ha ha, isn't that cheating? where can you cop some?
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