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A constant state of panic.....

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Is this what it has come to ? A constant state of unrest ? Everyone is on edge, expecting the worse at every turn....how long will this last until we put our guard down, or will we ever put it down again ?

Our world has been in chaos for years, but only now when it hits us in our backyard do we start to realize that their is no shelter from the depravity of mankind. Live your life as best you can, no regrets, no fear, because the only certainty is uncertainty, and that should not stop any of us from living out whatever amount of time we have left on this earth. carpe diem and fuck the rest.

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Guest --zeSto--

i feel you on this one man.


But the truth is that your eyes have been

opened to the way things really are.

It's like the Matrix, a nice blinder that

keeps the harsh reality out of sight.

It takes a slap in the face to really wake up.



Why we're here hasn't changed.

What's right and wrong hasn't changed.

The real important things are still the same.

We should all 'sieze the day' but to say 'fuck the rest'

is irresponsible and dangerous.


I've said this many times now,

The only way to get past this bullshit is to go over it.

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Guest cracked ass

On the down side, my version of carpe diem runs right into everyone else's paranoia. I'd like to hit some trains, but I got turned back today due to a high level of suspicion from some people who normally ignore my movements into and out of certain areas.

But yeah, this society worries and works and spends too much time embalming itself before it's dead, and doesn't know how to relax.

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try it with a pen a pencil breaks..you have to do it pretty slow too or else it gets a little bent..but as soon as you grab it pull it fucking hard as fuk..

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