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R.I.P....(one of deto's friends passes away.)


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April 28

A Red River man was killed Tuesday night (April 27) while apparently trying to cross the northbound lanes of I-25 north of Bernalillo near mile marker 254.


William Gorsich, 20, was struck and killed by a 1996 four-door Volkswagen driven by Cadence Storm, 17, of Glorietta.


According to New Mexico State Police, Gorsich was a passenger, along with five others in a vehicle driven by Justin Brandenburg, 24, of Red River. Brandenburg was arrested at the scene and charged with DWI.


Brandenburg’s vehicle was stopped on the north shoulder of the road and Gorsich was outside the vehicle when he attempted to cross the freeway. He was, according to NMSP Lt. Jimmy Glascock, wearing dark clothing and officers on the scene of the accident observed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Gorsich.

Will was a friend and classmate of mine. we weren't the best of friends, but friends none the less...i last saw him 2 weeks ago.

R.I.P... </span>

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it sucks when you know you will never see someone again on this plane.

another person thats dead on a highway, the only thing that differentiates him from us is that he didnt have a spraycan in his hand.

we should all be able to relate to this and learn from it.

my cat of 14 years died this week so i understand man, its crappy.

in solidarity with deto,






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its real sad that theres been a few r.i.p. threads lately...but this world is harsh...i not that for a fact....and this no disrespect to anyone in that accident or affected by this accident...bust sounds like a real stupid situation..its real bad someone lost there life...r.i.p. will

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kind of off topic, but rip to will before i start


my uncle and aunt who have been struggling finacially for a while now finaly save enough to buy a new car, just something nice for a change. Last week i call ol uncle jeff up to see whats up, turns out, he was driving on the freeway with his son and their new car, slammed into by a girl who had her license in less than a week. The car she was driving, a brand new h2, my uncles new car was totalled, he wanted to kill her

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Originally posted by (no subject)

Wait, what was he doing crossing the highway?

yesterday was the funeral, i talked to the people who were with him and they claim that Will was not crossing the road. he asked the driver to pull over, he stepped out of the vehicle, closed the door and got hit by the oncoming car. Last night the town of Red River, where Will had been living the last few years had a pretty big fireworks display in honor of him. on a side note, the driver, Justin had the DWI charge dropped, due to the situation. </span>

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Why was the DWI charge dropped? No dissrespect to your friend, but if the guy driving him around was drunk, he was drunk ... regardless of whether his buddy got hit by a car. It's a shitty situation... but if they weren't out drunk driving nobody would have got hit by any car...


Either way, I'm sorry to hear such unfortunate news... my condolences


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Originally posted by onesecondple

the guy killed a person, shit. he needs to be locked up, drinkin and driving is so shitty, horrible



they dropped the dwi charges, are charging him with distributing to minors and he may get charged with man-slaughter for this. (this is just hear-say from yesterday's services.) on a side note. i have never cared for Justin, "the driver" he's an asshole and just some kid you wanna knock out. ya wonk!</span>

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