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the radiohead topic

Guest beardo

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Oh. My. God.


Best ever.


1. You And Whose Army?

2. The National Anthem

3. 2+2=5

4. Open Pick

5. 15 Step

6. Exit Music (For A Film)

7. Kid A

8. Nude

9. Arpeggi

10. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

11. Pyramid Song

12. Myxomatosis

13. House Of Cards

14. Spooks

15. Idioteque

16. Bangers 'n Mash

17. There There


Encore 1.

18. Airbag

19. No Surprises

20. Bodysnatchers

21. Everything In Its Right Place


Encore 2

22. 4 Minute Warning

23. Karma Police



So many new songs!

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I think this is funny because i was listening to OK Computer and actually thinking that I would play radiohead for my baby if when it happen, and they would have to be a fan of radiohead or else i would throw it off a bridge.


Anyways I log onto greenplastic and what do i find!? WHATTA CO-INKY-DINK


They have clips of the whole cd i am buying it i'll prolly play it before i fall asleep at night





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"Radiohead map US tour


(Wednesday January 09, 2008 07:28 PM)

Radiohead have announced the North American cities they will visit on their upcoming tour later this year.


Thom Yorke and co are scheduled to play shows across the globe in 2008, in support of new album "In Rainbows".


News of the 22 US destinations was announced today, as it was also confirmed they have claimed the Number One position on the Billboard chart.


The tour is expected to be split into two legs and sandwich Radiohead's summer European tour which runs throughout June.


They will play the following cities:




Charlotte, N.C.






Los Angeles



New York


San Diego

San Francisco

Santa Barbara, Calif.


St. Louis

Tampa, Fla.



Washington, D.C."





Fuuuuuuck yes. I will be doing everything within my power to make it to the Chicago show, and depending on the dates, possibly the boston, new york, or philly shows as well.

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Back to the top.


I know there are more Radiohead fans on here, and i'm sure some of you haven't heard the news about the US tour yet. And yes, the tickets are going to be a bitch to get. Those shits are going to sell out in like 15 seconds and then get resold on ebay for ridiculous amounts of money. I'm making it out to at LEAST 1 show though, whatever it takes. I need to see Radiohead live before they break up, and i have a bad feeling that they might not be around for too much longer.

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