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Why he do this?


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Originally posted by Arekshun

Can you say..toy.!! That shit is wack.


Hey fuckface learn english or spanish or something FUCK, at least something we can understand. or Speak your own language SHIT. I would rather see you speak your laguage any not understand it, than have you slur the shit out of ours!

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I would have to say thats sum bullshit right there!

Out of all people opt goes over a jase freight!Opt better get his head screwed on straight!

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Guest crack is wack

i think you guys are missing the point to this, and that is some fucked up UNREADABLE bullshit capped a jase piece... opt did a fucking floater for christ sakes and didnt even cover up the entire jase piece. im dissing anything and everything from this opt ya yahoo this shows no respect and cats like that need to stay the fuck off freights.

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Originally posted by 160

SO why do this?


When I was in the 6th grade there was this weird kid that kept talking about how he was gonna kill himself. One day he brought rat poison to school and ate some. It didnt work. I think this is the same kid he just got smarter, I mean, if you really want to die, what better way then to get a whole crew of motherfuckas to want to find you and beat the blood out of you. Burying Assholes.

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