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So my a good friend is a backstabber even though he's got alotta cash.


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Re: Re: Re: So my a good friend is a backstabber even though he's got alotta cash.


Originally posted by JaZe

yeah.. really I was waiting for him to come home so I could rape him in the ass with my large tender choclate :rolleyes:


well waiting outside his house to play video games is a better excuse, right? youre either that pathetic or making up some tale to get internet responses.

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1. steal a new dreamcast. DUU-uhhh. nah fuck a dreamcast get a playstation


2. shame on you for sitting outside that poor boy's house for 2-4 hours every day for 2 weeks. you fucking scumbag creep.


3. shame on you for trying to force your way into the apt. when a defenseless GIRL was trying to shut you out.


HAHA i just got a mental image of some fat zitfaced geek mogoloid pushing on an apt. door with all his might yelling "I JUST WANT MY VIDEOGAME SYSTEMMMMMMM!" while some hot rich girl is pushing back, terrified that you'll rape her while watching anime. you are supercreep status man.

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I found the story WITH the picture.


I'm not going to post it because I think this is bullshit....


but if not.... "SFH" is doomed. You hear me? DOOMED!


  • Police have issued a warrant for ****** in connection with attacks on three other woman, aged 14, 17, and 27. Investigators are calling those three incidents a ‘sex assault rampage’. ***** was caught on security camera at the scene of one of the crimes, and cops released his image a day later. That was followed by a series of phone calls that may have cracked the case. The suspect is known to police, who call him a violent offender who’s known to carry weapons.


so you are saying that's your pic not his?

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