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i may be rude and negative for pointing out the obvious. my attitude might do graffiti a disservice, but not as much his and that type of graffiti do. everyone and their dog does graff nowadays so excuse me for trying to keep the rabble out. he'll give up and find a new hobby anyway. i want to look at more than just good intentions and if he's working on it then hopefully he will power through all the negativity and come out stronger for it. but im free to critisize whatever i want.


yeah that makes sense. sometimes i see a point on the internet and create a counterpoint out of boredom or curiosity of response..success. but i think you're wrong about everyone and their dog. If that was the case i would think there would be better things to discuss than ol' noel.

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i know you're right Hurts. You're the nicest guy in the game and my personal favorite from Austin and Texas in general. You even stick up for the little guys. My problem is that I like to talk shit. Likewise, its something about boredom while surfing the net and responding to shit i see. I don't like that about myself, but then there are lots of things i dont like about myself. i would never be that mean to mr. N in real life, i would encourage and praise any attempts to better himself. something about the anonymity (spell check?) of the internet lets the darker side of my personality out. and for that reason i would prefer to remain anonymous

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