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power multi-tools


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yo. i'm not only a man, but i'm becoming an 'old' man. 'old men' like power tools and looking at very young girls. i've got the very young girls thing on lock, but my power tools are limited to a couple choice items purchased off crack heads outside of bars (no joke). i think it's about time i started getting serious.


i'd like to start with a good cordless multi-tool. one of those things that can either be a circular saw, a drill, a sawz-all, a vw beetle, a donkey that shoots cigarettes out its ass when you lift it's tail, or any other number of things.

if anyone is into shit like this, and knows what i'm talking about, hook me up with various manufactures, kits, etc.


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Guest imported_El Mamerro
Originally posted by seeking

a donkey that shoots cigarettes out its ass when you lift it's tail


This won't happen to be made out of fiberglass, would it?

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THE best cordless drill:








DEWALT Built Series 4000 high torque motor delivers 450 in-lbs of maximum torque

Exclusive 3-speed all metal transmission features a MAX 3rd Speed at 0-2,000 rpm which is 38% faster than high speed

1/2" ratcheting chuck lock prevents bits from slipping

Extended run-time batteries provide more work per charge and maximum number of recharges with NO MEMORY

Superior ergonomics and balance provide increased comfort and control

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Dremels are dope...




good for little woodworking projects



...lots of accesories



1_-_ #150_Drill Bit

1_-_ #191_High-Speed Cutter

1_-_ #401_Mandrel

1_-_ #402_Mandrel

1_-_ #407_1/2" Drum Sander

3_-_ #408_1/2" Coarse Sanding Band

5_-_ #409_15/16" Emery Cut-Off Wheel

36_-_ #411_Coarse Sanding Disc

4_-_ #414_1/2" Felt Polishing Wheel

3_-_ #420_15/16" Heavy-Duty Cut-Off Wheel

2_-_ #425_Emery-Impregnated Polishing Wheel

1_-_ #426_1-1/4" Fiberglass-Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel

4_-_ #429_1" Felt Polishing Wheel

1_-_ #430_1/4" Drum Sander

3_-_ #431_1/4" Coarse Sanding Band

3_-_ #432_1/2" Fine Sanding Band

3_-_ #438_1/4" Fine Sanding Band

1_-_ #541_Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel

1_-_ #8193_Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone



i have a black and decker version cuz i'm too busy and too poor to have a good one.

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i've got a dremel. shit is definitely the jawn.



that's the type shit im talking about.

now, i know that stuff isn't 'A-TEAM' approved, and i couldnt build a whole house with just that and a leatherman, but fact is i really don't need to. i do simple things like make frames and fix the bathroom door. the stuff wont be used that much, so quantity is more important than quality....oh, and i'd like to keep it under $150 too, cause i got car parts to buy, na'mean.

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just go for a really good drill and jigsaw.

you'll have them forever and they come in handy...

my dad gave me an old ass drill he had from the eighties.

that, a jigsaw and a hammer do just about all the shit i need to do..


of course, when i built my bookshelf i had to go to dad's to use [his skills and] his circular saw

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Guest sneak
Originally posted by seeking

a donkey that shoots cigarettes out its ass when you lift it's tail


i actually have one of these. it rocks, ill try and post pics 2mrw.

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d-habz is SO dead on with the dewalt tip. I have started doing ALOT of work around my moms house and just little projects of my own and from that I have built a nice collection of dewalt products. I will never use anything else. I am pretty sure they have thier own version of the dremel electric multi-tool. Aside from being EXTREMELY well made tools, here's the cool thing about dewalt; everything has its own carrying case. I feel like a fucking bad ass when a friend asks to use my cordless drill or jigsaw and I just hand them this black case that looks like something you would transport a gun in. Plus it makes them much easier to store too. No mess, no clutter and they look cool.

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Heres my take on tools that ive been working with for some years now..


Black and decker is cheap worthless crap that you will end up replacing within a short period of time..


And those "MultiTool" dewalt kits are a joke.. no power, cant take a beating and worst of all.. They are too small..


My opinion?


Milwaukee cordless and sawzall along with a good Ol' 7-1/4 circular...


ANYTHING i repeat ANYTHING made by bosch is key in any REAL mans toolbox.. they make the best woodworking tools.


Hand tools?? Craftsman or "KLEIN".. Klein Is Key.. And craftsman has that lifetime guarantee thing.


table saw?? i guess you could go with dewalt. except the manufacturer has had some problems with there height adjustments and some type of handle problems for the past years.


thats about all i have to say right now..


PS.. MIlwaukee power tools own everything you know.. best bang for your buck.

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Originally posted by eseLokE1uno

probably not but dremel has a wide variety of tips i know they have special ones for glass carving and other crafts. . .


I hope this thread isn't leaning towards the "art" of glass carving. Thats against the rules.



/whoop.. whoop.. pull over..

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