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I have been having problems with my home computer, and have no idea how to fix it. It is a HP Pavilion, and I have been having troubles for around a month now....The disk defrag program doesn't work, and as of Sunday, I can't connect to AIM, I keep getting a message telling me that the "server refused by proxy". I also receive random error messages whenever I am using it (online or not), and the functionality of programs is hit or miss. It is a relatively new computer... I am not sure if it is a virus problem, or how I sould go about fixing it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....



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How new is it? Check any and all warantees.. If you have some sort of cheesy warantee laying around find it and shove it in their face... They can't deny it...


00---if that's not the case---00


As far as the AIM thing goes, you need to check the AIM settings... you can go into it whether is connected or not. Set everything back to default..... If you have AOL itself, than I don't really want to help you, because AOL sucks.. As far as you saying the programs hitting or missing, are these only on-line programs? Does this happen only when you're on line? What type of connection do you have? Do you have a virus scanner? Scan your harddrive.. You might have something. Defrag wont help you here, especially if your computer is new.


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sounds like a virus...if you can, return it and get a new one...i wouldnt recommend you taking it to a computer fix-it shop...theyre notorious for ripping computer illiterates off. if i lived near you id fix it for free...but i dont think you live any place near me. take it to a fix it shop if its your last option...but prepared to get riped-off...honestly, try your best to return it to where you got it, and exchange it for a new one...if its causing that much trouble its not worth to keep it.

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Thanks a lot for the help. I have McAffee Activeshield, but it is an online program, and whenever I try to use it to scan, I am taken to one of those "not found" internet messages. Most of the "hit or miss" programs are offline. Things such as games, and cd burner programs.....and they mess up both on and off line. The computer itself is pretty new.....I've had it for less than a year, but it is not fresh out of the box or anything.


Thanks again for all the help, if all else fails, I guess I can take it to a shop....

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Dude, I've seen so many 'complete' computers go to shit after a little while. They come 'preloaded' with all this shitty software that you don't need, and it ends up killing your PC. There are such things as fucked up ass problems where you can't fix them, and they prevent your computer from operating.


My best advice, and even this isn't that good:

When buying a computer, shop around, and know the components, buy them seperately. PUT THE THING TOGETHER YOUR DAMN SELF. Buy a book that tells how if you don't know. It's not that hard, and it will save you heart aches like this in the future.

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