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Retired Hasbeen

Waliking a thin line

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Walking a thin line.It seems as if WW3 is lurking on the doorstep of America.The residents of the home are all ready to fight and the porchlight was left on while the news flashed on the screen.I walked by those houses late at nite and could see the flickering LIGHT of tv screens flash on the still room.People mezmerized by the flashing and in a state of zonk.I felt rather alive in the brisk night breeze, as the colors I carry were a bit different than the ones putting people to sleep and differnet than the ones on the piece of cloth everyone was sporting.Mine were used to brighten the mind, not dull it into submissive acceptance of the company line.They appear on the grey state as an assualt at what they have been taught from a young age.Critical thinking of the masses tell them I am affiliated to some sort of gang and I am against the good of the public.

This is very untrue. Some go out in search of waking a few people up...expanding their capacity for appreciation ohter possibilities.Art is always an enemy of homoginizng the populace.In other words that wall that was blank and plain might look a bit more intresting with a few shades of color.But I was reminded of the policy of the masses.Social engineering is a science that is now in full effect and has been completely perfected.As a writer you stand against the company line, wether you choose to or not,You are an enemy.I walked by the sleeping sheep who are being lead to slaughter..and I wanted to shed a tear.It is sad that we have fallen victim to social engineering.That we swallow the mush fed to us on TV before we go off to school or work and perform our corporate tasks.The corporate machines are masses faceless and powerful and dominate my walk...ads, brands, mergers...gathering more might and swallowing up ma and pa businesses that used to glue together people.Now we can even go to Africa and have a coke and mc donalds..how kool is that?!...

Culture bleaching is in full effect.Cars speed by running off the blood of the dinasours...hopefully our fate is better off than theirs. So the war is going to be one of the ages...A massive assualt on anyone who is against America.Wow, a broad range of enemies pops into my mind.Do you qualify as an enemy? I am safe I think..I support my local gas company. I pay my bills.I pay my taxes.I am against the ACLU..I subscribe to republican ideals.Please guys, don't come for me.

The laws have now been passed to keep a closer eye on all of us.The plans are all in effect.In the fervor of a tragedy, critical thought is out the window.When you have a barrage of information feeding on the core of human emotion, the result is somewhat freightening.We are passing more and more daily which will have a dire effect on the "freedom" we once had.Wiretapped and monitored.Big Brother is now close to home and has the go ahead from us, the little bro who is scared.They are all ready watching you.you are an obvious target.You leave a mark that states many things, one of which is you are against the company line.Security is priority.Safety is foremost.Reamin calm.Everything is taken care of for you.

I lit the bag on fire right before I rang the doorbell.The old trick worked like a charm.


Think critically.Dig beneath the propoganda.

Do not let the lies fool you.Your liberty is at stake.What they tell us, is only doublespeak.

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this guys on point, wasnt it you with the oklahoma city links too? that was highly informative as well. well people are gonna come in here and some will agree with you, some will hate on you, but nothing will get solved because this is the internet. goodnight to you sir.

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Guest Cloud Trapeze

isn't it 'doublethink', as described by orwell in 1984?

anyhow......in my opinion, its really great to 'dig beneath the propaganda',

but then what? arguably nothing is going to get 'better'(whatever

that would be)in our life time. in one sense, we've got it great.

we're somewhat free, we have a ton of luxuries that make us feel good, women are allowed to speak, vote, educate themselves, wear enticing garments....on the other hand, this capitalist, democratic existence can only get worse. more and more garbage, sprawl, water shortages and resource crisis, more violence, complacency...

what do you propose the revolution should consist of? should we go back to the middle ages, when there was no electricity? hardships galore just to harvest a crop or two and eat a meal? maybe get rid of television and cookie cutter entertainment? expose politicians and everyone else with skeletons in their closet? what?

like i said, its good to think outside the box, but realistically

speaking, the way it is, is the way it is. this probably sounds very pessimistic and ho-hum. but everything you see is nature. humans do technology. what other system of government should we embrace? so far, its seems that democracy is in the best interest of what we do....which again, is create technology and hump like wild dogs.

no offense, just 'thinking critically'.

i'm just trying to delineate a realists overview of things.

by no means definitive of our existence.

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