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Pictures of a scars you wish you had....

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Hey tell me what you think of these cars.




Dodge Hornet concept. Small, 1.6L 16-valve, 3100 lbs, OHC Supercharged, 165 lb.-ft. @ 4000 rpm, 170 hp @ 4000 rpm, 18.23 lbs per hp, 106.25 hp per liter, 0-60 mph 6.7 sec., Top speed 130 mph,




$17,000, Possibly produced 2007, 1.6 liter inline-4, 1257 lbs, N/A, 112.5 lb-ft, 125 hp, 78.1 hp per liter 0-62 mph 5.7 seconds, 1.25 lateral grip.. All I can think of is for $17k, i could drop a turbo busa into the thing and kill porsches.









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  • 2 weeks later...

The ad expired... but I can tell you a thing or two about dsm's.... they work very well and are rather reliable...


*WHEN* they are STOCK... when you start fucking with it to make it go real fast, and turning the boost up and shit....


You can kiss your precious japanese rice rocket good bye, because you will be dumping money into it like none other....


I went to the "Fastest Street Car in Texas Shakedown" yesterday, and there were only a small representation of


DSMs, most of them blew up... at the starting line. One guy with his "racing 1g" didn't even get to go when the lights


dropped, and then about 15 minutes later he had the car on jacks and the transfer case on the ground.


I own a 1g that is still broken, but you know what, I am not giving up, I'm getting an engine block next week and I will


begin building my little beast a new set of lungs to breathe better with. One thing that didn't suck at those drag races


yesterday were the turbo mustangs, and the civic's with turbos on them that looked like they came off an 18 wheeler


the civic was completely race built and it's run was super impressive, although he broke his block with a rod going through


the side of it... haha, I've got pictures I will post later.

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Ok its time for a new car. Im getting one sometime this week.

I cant decide between these 2.


VW Bora VR6 4motion






Ford XR6 Turbo




Both are the same price ($26,000 Australian)



I could get that 180/240sx above but all my friends are anti ricer and cops here pull over jap imports way too often.

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