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Pictures of a scars you wish you had....


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ok back to the reason this thread exists, to make ppl "skeet" on themselves over cars they know theyll never have...


498913_130_full.jpgfor the crunk lovers...( def. not me, ill stik wit rims smaller than 20 inch plz)

AUDIRosemeyer-2000-01.jpghow bout an audi rosemeyer













i apologize for the size in advance cuz im clueless on em and im sure some r pretty big...too lazy to fix it, r u that lazy to play with the scroller

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^ Lets hope. There is alot of chat on the forums about what nissan is really planning to do with their cars...


Yet I think if they didnt make the new skyline, shit would get ugly.


You guys are posting some nice cars. Im diggin the rx7 and s200 above..


Dirty, alot of people on the Z forums who are using bigger turbo's and running high hp use megasquirt...Im not knowledgeable on it, but people rave about them when they got it..

You got it, the lime is for the smell, keeps animals and fly's away... :twitch: :D



Slightly off topic..


Any of you guys play Gran Tourismo 4?

When my car is stored for the winter and I got time I usually play this. Ive been drifting lately with some guys over x-link at my buddys house.

I got this bad boy last christmas:


Its force feedback with pedals and 900 Degrees of rotation. Its about as real as you can get.

Heres some pictures I took for an online drift competition a while back..


Lexus SC300


Skyline gts25 Type S


Skyline gts25 Type S


Skyline gts25 Type S

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Online drift comp?....GAY


i just sold my old silvia a few weeks ago.

I kept most of the parts, but here was the line up...


Nismo exhaust

Cusco shako-cho's

Uras body kit

Tomei 272 cams

Tomei 600cc injectors

S15 fuel pump

Technomotors ECU (Okinawa)

Nismo adj. fuel pressure regulator

Trust FMIC


And a bunch o' other shit.

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Shit nice.... why'd you sell it? How'd you get that car?


And Shameless... yes, I have actually had alot of experience using that exact

wheel you have. It makes the game so much more bad ass.


I really like GT4, especially for the fact that you're not gonna sit down in one weekend and beat it.


Forza is also pretty fun on XBOX and i think it rivals gt4 pretty well... there's not as many tracks/cars

but the gameplay and physics make up for it.


On car related talk, my crazy friend with all the Talons got his white and black 91 awd running

a week ago, and the rear wheels seem to lock up at certain times and cause the wheels

to screech. He pulled it apart yesterday, and I think it's probably gonna be the transfer case.

I dunno yet, I will when I talk to him.

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Originally posted by shameless self promotion@Dec 23 2005, 07:18 PM

Damn, your a lucky man. Not many people get a chance to own one, let alone four.

Also you have some quality parts listed above, good to see some taste in an area where ebay intakes and cheap suspension parts are being used by alot of people...

Do you have any old pictures??



yeah i'll PM them to you...

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Originally posted by Hank Parker@Dec 23 2005, 02:11 PM

Online drift comp?....GAY


Hahha..I agree, but ya gotta get your kicks some way. I barely afford insurance on my z..let alone buy parts for it and beat on it. I get to put about two things on my z a year, not including needed parts like pumps brakes and shit that are 22 years old that are just rotting off.

So a 25 dollar game and a wheel provide me with endless fun and helps my driving skills.

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