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*Kidney Infection; Hospital Sleep Over*

Daze One Million

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So I get a call this afternoon from my girl, shes in the hospital for a kidney infection, shes really scared becaues when she was 8 she had to have surgery done on her kindneys for a condition called "flexing", flexing is where your kidneys straighten them selves out for some reason ( instead of being that normal curved curved shape ), she also had to have surgery redone when she was 10, shes about to be 17 now and hasnt had a problem, her dr when she was 10 even signed a paper stating that the problem should be fixed and she wouldnt have to worry about it happening again....but shes in the hospital right now, she has to stay over night so the nurses can keep an eye on her and make sure shes going to be ok, she has an iv in her arm right now, a temp of about 101º (which isnt that bad considering she was admitted to the ER with a temp of 105.4º) and is all alone in the childrens ward, if i could be there with her right now i would be but no one is allowed in the room after 10 unless they are immeidiate family, im going to the hospital at 8a when vistors hours start, anyway im really scared for her, she has a troublesome life and this is the last thing she needs on top of it all, im not sure why im telling you guys this, its not really my style to get all personal like this with you people (no offense), i know none of you actaully really care care, but perhaps you can share your hospital stories about how things went down as me myself have never been in this sort of situation...for real now all joking aside, you people may or may not like me for what ever reason but this isnt reguarding me, its reguarding my 17 year old girlfriend who has allready undergone 2 surgerys for "flexing" that is stuck alone in her hospital bed with a fucking iv in her arm with some kind of medicinal drip

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Re: that made me laugh


Originally posted by Daze One Million

this is dazes girl we're talking about here, of couarse she got a nice rack..and an ass, shes 5'2" green eyes redish brown hair ~110lbs


i only go out with the hottest of girls


no no no. I was talking about her guns. Does she have a collection of guns "hense" the gun rack?

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Originally posted by Daze One Million

yea the forum definetly broke down cuz i know there was more posts in this thread, but just to recap once again, my girl is doing a ok i was with her all weekend and she feels a lotbetter


read the announcment thread at the very top

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