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2 things that have been burning in my skull all of about two minutes.

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1- The Elitist mentality on this site is so ridiculously stupid. These leagues that no one really cares about are even stupider. One thing that i do give credit to PG and its moderators is the fact that no one there is indirectly trying to put people down intelectually. They just say "you stupid fuck, what are you doing?" you chuckle and thats the end of it. None of this crap about replying with a phrase all of about 4 people out of 75 million members know.


My second thing is this. I have a eating problem. I ate dinner about 4 hours ago, and just now i grabbed my keys to the car and hauled ass to McDonalds. I copped a 1$ McChicken 1$ double cheeseburger and a 1$ 4 piece McNugget. I also eat just about anything from middle eastern cuisine i had for lunch to Thai food i had last night for dinner. I also drink EVERYTHING. If a drinkable fluid is in front of me, best believe its going to be gone in about 4 seconds. I eat Junk, Healthy, Vegetarian, annd foreign foods and drink beer, milk, juices, pop ANYTHING.

I'm about 216 Lbs at 6'2".. Do i have a problem?

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Originally posted by Telo

Do i have a problem?


besides the fact that youre you... no. :lol:


you complain about the elitest attitude, which i agree is retarded and so are the 12oz cliques, yet youre constantly coming off like youre cooler than me, which may or may not be true, but i highly doubt it. haha.


i dont really give a fuck about you, and im sure you could careless about me, which id fine, but you dont see me crying and calling you names... (unless provoked by you ofcourse). haha.



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I too eat a lot. I just ate an hour ago and now I'm starving. But I don't weigh 216 pounds. Maybe I should get some of those pills that stop you from being hungry. I wonder if you need a prescription for those.....


As for the other thing, 12oz is bullshit, full of bullshit people and bullshit chit chat. But that's the whole point. I often ask myself if I am the only one on here who actually realizes this is the internet....


Did tease get banned AGAIN? Did I miss the whole precedings? Wait.....actually, I don't give a shit.

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telo, i couldnt agree with you more about the first part of your burning skull..


and what is funny is, that if i were to make a thread like yours, i would be raped, shot, and killed, while being laughed at..j/k


its funny how certain members can make threads that are "useless" and "meaningless" just because. ex.( i am sleepy, anyone else?) or (i love to hang my underwear in the bathroom)


to sum it up..booooooo to elitism on here:mad:

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i have a beer belly. havent been drinking much lately, so i guess its more of a pork fried rice belly. the elitist mentalities that i encounter never bother me, whether it's e-egos or real life pompous cocklickers. since i'm absolutely positive that I am cooer than everyone else in the world, i just shrug it off.

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1. in-jokes are not an exclusive phenomenon of 12ozprophet.com, they happen in the "real" world as well. i'm sure you and your buddies have jokes only you guys understand. it's nothing to get pissy about.



here, have a slurpee.



2. when oprah has to come to your house and take a wall off so you can go for a walk, then you know you have a problem. until then, eat up fatty.



again, have a slurpee.

wonk saggin

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I honestly try not to be too condescending. But when someone obviously doesn't know what they are talking about then they should just not get involved. Whenever there is such a heated discussion I think others would agree that we are looking for contributions. Not for people trying to push their opinions or stating points of view that are fallacy and have already been negated, sometimes within the same thread! Showing that they did not even read it. If I go to "correct" someone I think I try to show why I corrected them which I think would be more beneficial than a "shut the fuck up". I mean I might do that but only if I'm really offended or something. I'm seriously trying to keep a cool head here. Maybe it's not working too well. :D

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personally, i dont see anyone here more elite than anyone else, everyone contributes and participates in this forum different than everyone else, for instance theres the people that post straight up 100 flick posts in brickslayers/metal heads and then theres people who post straight up everything they've ever drawn in paper chase, or the kids who stay steady up in the yard and 3rd rail trying to help the new to the game kids or just learn in general, and then theres the ones that post the political topics, the fun topics, the for the moment topics ect ect in ch 0, however i do agree that some people can just make threads about nothing and not get shit and thats just flat out stupid, as for the 12oz cliques, to me its just something fun, messin around not like a real seriouse ass crew and shit, ya know what im saying?


for the 2nd part of your topic, i eat constantly too, im 150, 5'4" i am not fat by all means....im not skinny either....im actually pretty built...not ripped like abrercrombi jeans or nothing but i eat mcdonalds a lot and i can say im pretty buff

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I think my main focus should be to cut back on drinking so much god dam beer. I drink like 4 or 5 days out of the week..


Tease? Cooler than me??




And who was the one talking about having no friends and having a hard time finding anyone who would even remotely like you.?


I think your signature should be the following.


"Every day i dig myself deeper into a hole of self hatred"

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