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The Insult The Person Above You Thread...you know u wanna!


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Top Posters In This Topic

Originally posted by Pfffffffffft

thats all you can do is cry...your a soft bitch...geez



its you're you moron


and i didnt wanna finish my name you stupid biotch....but yes, most are glad about the center font change and color, now its just harder to find my own posts

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Originally posted by DETO

onesecondple, the reason the Destruction Leauge died!


how so? thats bullshit! i kept her alive for a good while man.


more like


Onesecondple, the reason deto had to edit his post of pre-emptive excitement of page 2!

get at me on aim Thamattressking

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Originally posted by DETO

on a serious note. onesec, i'm not on AIM anymore, everytime i would get on, my computer would freeze on me and i'd need to restart my comuter.


aight, thas cool, but on a less serious note


(in high toned sarcastic nerd voice) "deto must be gay, he types in pink"

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Originally posted by awarePTA

and YOU'RE a fagtastic anal reaming cock monger.



talking shit is fun.


haha, good one man


you fuck women with beards who smoke in front of their children and weigh in excess of 450 pounds ( i saw a lady at waffle house follow this criteria, so its all i could think of) but hey, you do them

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is this the ladies verbal fighting threat only? or can a guy such as myself join in?

deto you turning into a female right in front of all of us.

(come on you typing in pink but you say you not gay)

when you getting you sex change done so i can see you on Jerry Springer.

as for the onesec-nut-bust(i fucked your ho thats how i know) above me you freakin old piece of retard farm animal's shit crawl under a rock and stay there.

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