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australian R.I.P.


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For The Children



For whatever reasons, be they insecurities, sensitivities, learning difficulties, lack of love, of understanding, these kids isolate themselves, or are made to leave the pack. They are lost and need to find acceptance and love somewhere else. Generally they find each other, and a new loyalty beyond words begins. They form strong bonds. There are however different rules within this pack, less refined than those imposed on us by our ‘structured’ society…..

Their rules more rudimentary, “You watch my back, I’ll watch yours”, but there is no denying the love and loyalties they feel for their ‘ new family’, is immense.

Raw Passion, Blind Love, with no confines, Pure and True.

To prove themselves and because of their own individual traumas, there can be a tendency, and there often is, toward anger, towards others and or themselves, and towards anything previously imposed by society, who according to them has betrayed and abandoned them.

Them…… This is one of the gross mistakes the masses have made. To categorize these lost children and put them into a ‘bad box’. These are children who are hurting, who need structure, yes, but predominantly Love and Acceptance.

Most of ‘them’ are very creative. When is society going to take a different look at the situation and stop trying to force a round peg into a square hole?!

The world needs all kinds, a balance to function properly…

‘They’ are the beautiful little black sheep amongst a flock of white, but nonetheless a sheep in a flock. Utilize him or her. Help and nurture him, because he is special, just like each individual white one, just different, and if you take an even deeper look, not that different after all. There are probably many more beautiful little black sheep than you think - ( and many grey ones that slip through to the white corral, the lucky ones) - all with the same amount of beauty as the others, but made to feel different and bad. WHY?


Amma, a great humanitarian, you are an inspiration.

We need more Compassion and Love.


…..and then there are those whose cries for help fall on deaf ears.

…...and then there are those who can’t take the isolation anymore, who choose to ‘go home’…..


R.I.P. Alex my son aka VENTS. Whose big heart saved many and still does.

R.I.P. Shaun aka TRASHEM, who is loved and remembered by many.

R.I.P. Christy whom I’ve never met, but a child loved by mine.

R.I.P. Louise, who comforted my boy for months on end.

R.I.P. beautiful Nellie, whom I never met but came to see her dad at my home.

R.I.P. Sebastian, Seb, who with Alex made it possible for me to have his mum as a grief companion, to share the stories of the eternal reciprocated love for our boys.


R.I.P. to all the children who have gone home.

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R.I.P BHAVE AKA ROCKET GDS will miss you bro


word up. from the very first morning i met this cunt, i knew he was something special.

clicked straight away, talked shit took drugs partied and painted trains. all round legend.

gunna miss you brother. its hard to talk to the lads about it because everyone has their own way of remembering you and its still such a shock. my way of remembering will be the eternal search for knowledge that you seemed to inspire me with, and the loyalty you showed to your friends. your brothers miss you.

rip king semon one sot



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R.I.P. to all fallen Australian writers...


R.I.P. to those fallen from Adelaide...


Soda HAC

Minus SIA

Forse SMV

Probs SAP

Sort 73A


please add to the list if there is anyone i have not mentioned.


R.I.P still have great memories of some off that list


also R.I.P Wicked aka Wiko from MOC crew adelaide

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