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Wrath's Blackbook


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Wussup Y'all--

I'm new to this forum. Here's some pics--new updates to my site coming soon.

I write WRATH outta Connecticut, but headed to ChiTown in the very near future. I would be stoked if any writers from CT, NY or IL

(or anywhere else) want to contact me (jstr777@yahoo.com)

Have been writing Graf for over 20 years now-- but Yes, nobody has ever heard of me. Most of my graf is handrawn and digital. I am currently experimenting with Adobe Illustrator to get some clean vector graffiti goin... similar to the 123Klan(france)




Please peep out my site-- there you will find Graf, Characters, landscapes and some 3D modeling.

Get at me, I'm always down for a quick Blackbook battle.



Joe McGrath








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I never said I NEVER painted.

I even bombed my town hall once, but it was shitty.

Its not that I couldnt do it -- I could.

Meres from 5 points (Queens) would let me rock a wall there if I wanted to. Maybe thats what I gotta do to be accepted.

Damn, tough crowd.

What about canvases?

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Originally posted by MLTf4nt0m

yo wa5te, your qoute, i remember when that went down, :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: some funny ass shit, you should put it in a different color so people will be more interested in reading that shit.:lol: :lol:


will do


i love how kooter loved this guy untill everyone else didnt. hehehe:king:

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I'm not bacon, but I am a 35 year old married guy, so dont beat up on me too bad. I'll get some cans and paint at 5 points and show ya. How's that? I'll flik it and post it here when i'm done. Give me a few weeks.

I'm an illustrator and 3D artist, mostly, for several videogame companies, designing characters and environments. Graf is just a side thing for me that i have been doin for years.

heres a quick question: How do you go about getting a legal wall?

Who do you approach?




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pure comedy.


Originally posted by wa5te_pHk

will do


i love how kooter loved this guy untill everyone else didnt. hehehe:king:

:lol: that's funny i still like his work,even said i did..i just think it's lame that he hasn't painted anything in 20 years.:king: :rolleyes:
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