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I have a question for the men and women who listen to hip hop


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Originally posted by TheoHuxtable

Chino XL


omg dude how can you say chino !?!?!?! :confused: sorry mang but i cant stand that mofo... he's the king of the metaphor. one time i stayed up ripped as a biscuit listening to his last disc tryin to count how many times he said "like" in each track.. i stopped at 50 something. his flows are atrocious.


eyedea got some good battles. try get the one where he battles mc shellz... f*cking hilarious but very tight also.


cunninglinguists also got some battle shit.

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Originally posted by Rodney Trotter

One of the best one's I've ever heard was Lorn Finesse dissing Lord's of the Underground, more than a few years back. Have a search.


I remember that......that shit was ill......I am a big Lord Finesse fan since way back......I think that diss was from around '93 or '94.....quite awhile ago....


anyways, iloveboxcars, you could always download the Supernatural and J.U.I.C.E. battle....


a few more artists you might like to hear are......Godfather Don,Chino XL,KRS one,The Mad One,Adeem....aww,fuck it.....I can't think right now..

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my favorite battle is eminem vs. benzino on the DJ green lantern Invasion Pt. 1 mixtape.


eminem - the sauce

benzino - pull ya skirt up

eminem - nail in the coffin


swear that you in the streets hustlin

you sit behind a fuckin desk at the source butt kissin

and beggin mother fuckers for guest appearences

you cant even get the clearences

cause real lyricists dont even respect you or take you serious

its not that we dont like you, we hate you, period.


if you slew some crack youd make alot more money then you do from rap.

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