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hmm not so sure you got everything right there.... the tm and ia is cool but man you know haks besar and all those kids arent up, at all you kids im guessing its one of you that posted this should chill on making the scene look fucking horrible and post some REAL shit from nashville, just a disclaimer...peas

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im not sure who you are but prolly one of the kids i mentioned and all yall paint is your boy's garage you are fucking toys with that fake wanna be 3d style if you want to handle it you know who i am fuck you im not talking about it on here...peas

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i cannot believe you faggots brought that busted ass toy shit in nashville to a worldwide spotlight.....bump for IA and TM,the only REAL crews in nashville,with the exception of a few individuals.....stick to hulmark's guestbook you little fucks.....sincerely,ASK ONE.IA MAFIA.NSH

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Originally posted by gang_starr

and bunk is any better? ...bunk's style is a total bite of smok's. you did better when you were bers. at the very least those kids are as good as you, and they have their own style, too.


bunk isnt starting any "mid tennessee" threads to promote himself or his friends either...kid you are a fucking moron and half the people looking at this thread are going to hit the back button after the first 5 pics load..... bunk has bombs up i know, has bombed knoxville and its easy to do a 3-d peice when its in your backyard....bunk keep it up, and all you other toys makin tn look bad die.


ps. i like how you all posted all of your stuff on top of everyone else. im sure you got that backyard on lock.:lol: :lol: :lol:

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