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Will we become the next ussr??

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Ive been doin somethinking...and heres what i have come up with..just incase anyone wants anymore points to be made, and i know this is an old topic for this week, but please bear with me...ok, lets suppose we do decide to bomb afghanistan? The countries in this region are already fighting, this will just fuel the fire. These countries have missle technology that allows them to fire their nuclear missles...remember china selling the missles and technology to them?? I do. IF these countries get to the point of nuclear attack, they will use them....these are countries that have been pushed around, not only by our country, but others, such as england (whom if you didnt know, drew up the map that makes each of these middle eastern countries, churchill did this after world war II to give a place for the jews to live. (israel)...this pact made it so england and america would back them forever. We gave them weapons and such, so that they are powerful enough to defend themselfs. This is why no one is really fighting with them, they have us backing them. Remember when ussr spent all their money on fighting the afghani people?? Yeah, well where are they now?? Thats right they are no longer a super power guys...)~~we have pushed around these counties goverments and such, and they are pissed off....the attack on us was not on our people, it was on our economy!! Think about it, the only things hit, were things of economical value to the united states....IF these countries start fighting over there, we are fucked. They have alot of oil that our country needs, they can hold that oil, and if it gets contaminated, our economy goes from what it is now, to what it was during the depression or worse...but the only problem is that bush, our president is pushing for war, why? Because it will help us economically, since history began, war is what keeps economy going. So basically, we are a pretty fucked nation, and what we do in the next couple of weeks will decide our fate, and i have a feeling we will be having it pretty hard pretty soon....thanks for listening, let me know what you think..peace.



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nah dude, the econmy isn't even close to the despair it was in before the dpression. your thinking a little too extreme. as for the exchange of nuclear weapons, be it the worst possible thing that could happen. it still wouldn't effect us directly here on the main land us. what it would really do is ease some of the population problems in india and the middle east. also probably wipe out alot of people that hate us anyways. so whatever. annnd as for russia, they vowed to support the us 100%. they've been waiting to run the fuck back into afgahnistan for a while. they might just fight a war w/ them for us. silly russians.




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first, russia did not not go broke simply because of the afgany war. thats a misinformed comment. there were a whole slew of factors responsible for the tailspin that that country went into. the fall of communism as a whole etc etc...

second, when you talk about nukes, there are only 4 countries on the planet that have "long range capabilities". all others are still working on "medium range", and thats only a small amount. And if any one of those countries let one off, they know they will be flattened immediately. So it won't happen. Not yet anyway.

third, yes it is a fact that we depend on oil from over there, simply because of the fact that it would be too expensive to start the mass drilling efforts over here. North america technically has more oil here than they have there. But the difference is that, their wells are already tapped and running freely, and have been for some time now. If our oil supply dried up, meaning they kept it from us, we would survive longer than anyone else would. It would just take a little time to get the oil fields going. Thats where north america comes out on top.

When all the oil is dried up over there, there won't be the need for oil like there is today. And by the time that happens, we'll be on alternative fuel sources, with an unbelievable stockpile of oil. Thats one of the reasons we're working so feverishly trying to get natural gas, fuel cells, and others off the ground. So when the time comes, we'll have the "new oil". North America's riches will only get bigger, not smaller as time goes on.

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