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right, i'm glad i came on here when i did, i aint quitting graff, i'm not hitting like a mental anymore, calming down is the way at the minute, less tags EVERYWHERE more style in a wider spread and as for the people saying i'm full of shit well i've had to keep comming down here from where i am cus i've had a legal graff job put my way and when ur in the city you gotta see your boys, and being out with them, well....its hard not to paint lets leave it at that,i've BLATENTLY pissed people off, and regret it deeply, but theres no way i'm giving up my name and no way i can give up all together... its too damn hard. and shottingham, your saying ur still looking for me, but you could save yourself some time, by just putting down the shottingham attitude and realizing if your prepared to deal with it properly, i'd probably TELL you where i am. but rolling down to yards looking for me, with boys backing you, why the hell you need em for is what baffles me, me n u....well....blatently its personal... after what i did it would be wouldnt it? but yeh, if its personal keep it that way, cus you got more chance of finding me that way, i aint giving you an attitude or nothing, cus like i sed before i DO actually respect you as an artist, its just shottingham way isnt my way of dealing with shit, it could be, i mean you have no idea how people we've just blatently told to shut up when they're on about busting YOUR door down, its out of respect. one more thing i wanted to say to you personally and everyone out there as well is that i know other people have got involved along the way with this, and most of them have ended up throwing some amount of bollox my way, and probably yours too, i mean u went to see irek in the yard, but we all got told you went down his crib and beat him and his missus up, didnt seem much like your style tbh i just realise how much bulshit can come from one truth in notts. shottingham talk to ME... PM me or something cus posting on 12 oz publicly is giving everyone ammo and not only that, if u get in touch with me personally, ima tell you where to find me ok?

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you being a bitch on the internet is whats giving everyone ammo.


you've made multiple kiss ass attempts at this, getting all "i'm so sorry, i'm quitting graff" when you blatantly haven't nor had you any intention of. all you're doing for yourself is losing respect, something of which you should cherish 'cause right now it would seem you don't have alot at all.


in short, fuck off and sort it out, and stop filling and giving reason for other people to fill this thread with bollocks.


more flicks !

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