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shame there all legal, get some illegal flix on, mass credit to the above tho, luks sick.



shame nothing, i'll post what i want TALL_HOUSE i don't give a fuck what you want to see. people actually posting flicks worth seeing know that illegals dont belong here.





and you can respond if you want but im not going to see it cos you're on my ignore list

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p.s legal graff isnt graff, gettin out there n destroyin everything in ur path is, think about it, dnt reply 2 this post, if u do ur toy....


so why come on here biggin up people for painting legal places

then? dont contradict yourself, you contribute nothing to

the notts illegal scene you cock...what the fuck do

you do??? some frieghts??..who gives a fuck?? nobody,

but nobody has any bollox to say anything...i do!! so

do a few other people i know...say what you want man

next year is another story though, less talking! a few people are going

to get there head top popped like pimple, head tops get rocked like

cradle, part of there head tops not visible...


also cocks what go down hall of fames and do floaters

over people what have been painting from day and

are still rocking are getting a shakedown hardcore...


everyone moans about there pieces getting wrecked..fucking do

something about it then, stop being bitches..where the fuck has

the respect gone....


reno, ader, yens...fucking nobs keep it up!! see if people dont

move to you soon..your in notts now

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well said, Notts1.


this is the last i'm posting in here "TALL_HOUSE"... you obviously don't have a fucking clue who you're calling toy. hiding behind your shitty grammer and internet ego ain't gonna work with me, i know what you write so you'd be well advised to shut your mouth before it gets shut for you. don't think that i won't come to your inbred fuckarse town just to make an example of you.


welcome to the ignore list, you toy fuck.

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Yeh again, Well said Notts1 Tall_House if you wanna post up illegals go ahead, get yourself in trouble with all the writers that you post. but believe me it aint gonna be nice when it happens so im advising you to just stop posting up your gay ass comments. Nottignham is good for its legal scene so thats what were posting. The good stuff. btw nice update ;)

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