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So, I don't know if this yard is chill....

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Yea, like the name says I don't know if this yard is chill. I'm obviously not going to tell you the location, but.....I haven't come accross one can there, which leads me to belive nobody's painted there in awhile, but there is a paint tag or two, which is annoying[fucking idiot] but oh well....I have been benching there for a few months, and caught a few streaks but not painted yet. I've never seen a work acutally maintaining shit, I've never been spoken to anybody that would remotely resemble a bull, but the output/ input of trains is really odd. I've only ever seen 2 boxcars there in about 3 monts, there is a grip of hoppers and even more tankers. Tons of coal cars, and only one gondola.....The activity is really sporatic also, I'll go there one day and it'll be filled up(8 lines)and the next day there will be only 2 full lines. Very confusing...I have no other freight spots right now, so my question is should I paint it? Look for another? I know you've never been there etc. etc. but any input would be appreciated.:D

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yea just look for signs like ciggerette butts, food wrapers, whatever someone chilling there would be doing. and look for wholes in the fence. if the way you enter looks well traveled, by someone other than you, that could also be a tell tale sign. also if other people are going there, they may not be in the same section you stay. if possible, explore the yard as muhc as you can.

since youve been benching there a while, im sure youve done this, but thats all i cuold think.

this comment was more directed towards findinf if other writers paint it. as for security, see if the facory has security itself. if you know what they are shipping, like highly volitale chemicals, they prolly do, unless its in the boonies, which it prolly is if it isnt already burnt but some stupid fucking toys...thatsall. good luck, and i wish i had yard that wasnt burnt like a piece of egg bread in the toaster on high

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look for water bottles...look and see if they are dry on the inside too..if there is still water in it like just a little you know those fools work there a lot...i always can tell if there is water bottles then they get off and chill...also why dont you try and write down when the yard was loaded and when was it unloaded...follow the line and try and see where these cars are going...look for those same cars in you local yard... maybe hit a few small tags and see if you see them re occur in the same spot or at your yard..also maybe write down the numbers of those cars the box cars and trace them when you get a chance...even if you havent painted them...chances are those hoppers and tankers are local...but sometimes not so hit all you can but watch out if they start to hang around..you dont wanna have them all hit and then they start knowing about that shit..that happened to me with this ccbx line..i hit like 50 of them and now they just stay here..they must know where they were rocked!! but just do some close observing...wait there all day everday for a week..try and figure the schedule..it can be tidious...but shit these are freights...there is a whole system you just gotta play the game right!

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Originally posted by LaCosaNostra

but there is a paint tag or two, which is annoying[fucking idiot]


buff it. you can do that in the daytime. if anyone stops you just play the concerned citized role. I do it all the time. I keep a can of silver black and white buff paint in my car for the specific purpose of buffing toys who get up near or in frieght spots.

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Yo, turbo, can you IM me on AIM if you have it? I don't seem to be able to PM you. Here is my AIM sn: *edited*. And yes, I have noticed many of the tankers being layed- up over and over again, but I don't think the same goes for the hoppers. I know this because I caughts some tags(super hot by the way) from some crew in mexico last week, I'll head up there tommorow and see what's up.

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