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Death Wishes


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<span style='color:black'>Lately i have been thinkin of what i would want when i die,,, so far this is all i have come up with


I want to be in my casket with my eyes wide open and a big toothy grin on my face, or be sittin in a chair in front of everyone

I want some stupid song like "another bites the dust" or somthing like that

and after that, they can throw me on the road or let cannibals eat me, i dont care


any of you ever think about shit like this? if so, what do you want done? </span>

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burn me and scatter my ahes in the ocean. i'm gonna teach my son how to fish (when i have one), just like my pops taught me. and when he goes out on the boat to scatter my ashes i want him and whoever else wants to go have a great day. fishin, drinkin, chillin. word.


fuck gettin buried. gross.

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yeah, i wouldnt want to be burried, maybe a tombstone to get flowers on or something, but other than that, i dont give a rats ass, Maybe do what the guy who started frisbee golf. He got creamated and put into special edition frisbee's.


Iquit, he me up on aim,,,Thamattressking

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Originally posted by Jackson

I watched this movie called The Kentucky Fried Movie, there was an advert for a charity in it to help you with the problem of death. Fucking funny. They take their son's corpse to a baseball game haha.


batter up dead fucker

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