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Road Trip :: TOP 5

A.K.A. Top 5

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Seems the Top 5's are few and far between these days.

Just got back from a lil road trip... goodtimes, good friends, good music.


Here it is, the Top 5.


1) Danzig - Danzig 2: Lucifage


2) Madball - 3/12/04


3) Stand & Fight - s/t


4) H2O - 3/12/04


5) 200 North - 3/13/04




6) H2O - s/t


7) Danzig - Danzig 3: How The Gods Kill


8) Coheed & Cambria - In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3


9) The Distance, Ten Yard Fight and the song Toxic by Britney Spears.


Well, I guess that's all, I am not remembering a lot right now. Sorry to Glik0 and Tyler Durden... I got back too late and had work too early to go to the show. I was looking forward to it.


10) Danzig - Danzig 2: Lucifage


Okay, that's all.. take care.


* BOLD = entire album

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PH-EYE-VUH: hopesfall - The Bending


PH-OHH-ERR: Ragnarok - It's War


TH-URR-EEE: Tvangeste - Tears


T-UOOH: Haste - Matches Under Bridges


WA-UNN: Three Inches of Blood - Destroy the Orcs


WUH-UN(2): Madball - For My Enemies




Rooftops, Rollers, One-liners.





Madball/H20/Vietnom DMS live.

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