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Daze One Million

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this is not to important of a thread but i was just curious as to what everyone thinks about this whole comeback song shit, it all started back with tlc making no scrubs, then i forget who came out with no pigeons, then i think beyonce had that independent woman song and some dude made a song bout that shit, but im not talkin bout them, im talkin bout that girl, frankie (eamons ex) making a come back song talking MAD shit to him, saying hes crying like a bitch, and what ever she did was his fault, saying she faked it ect ect, and then that mario song with the fugee beat, some girl i heard today made a comeback song taklin bout shes only "creepin" cuz he is and shit....i mean what the fuck

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hahaha, i dont follow much when it comes to music, all i know is that eamon got that song talking bout how his girl cheated on him and mario got that song talkin bout if his girl is cheating he dont want to know cuz he cant take it anymore....then out of the blue eamons ex makes a song saying that she cheated on him becaues it was his fault, and then some girl makes a come back song to mario saying that shes only cheating because he is, 'tis all i know

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