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--->Dance Party Crew....VEGAS and beyond<---

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whats up mang, been a minute since the last DPC instalment so i think its about time.

so we ventured to VEGAS for whole new DPC adventure and was it ever.

at first i thought it was gonna be a little bunk because were not gonna know all the spots and get all the hook ups like back home. but we lucked out and got the VIP hook up everywhere.


whether it was because of our big booby homegirls rich comped ass getting us pass the lines, up the ninja elevator with champange in our hands, escorted to our own booth wit a private balcony.. not to mention the free bottle of belvedere accompanied with red bull, 7up and cranberry juice..

or one of our other vegas homies just pulling though and getting us the hook up at LIGHT in the belagio... vegas was a blast


we've been harrassing a new bunch of females as the flicks will show and its been blingtastic. so this thread will document the vegas decadance as well as catch up with the hawaii party flicks ive been too lazy to post.....





DPC..many know it....few live it



gimmie dat free limo ride



belvedere is ono

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all the girls on the left hand side of EVERY pic are ono.


The DPC comes through once again!

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Fuck yeah! DPC isn't the same without the islanders' flicks. Good show!



And worry not, for a DPC installment of mammoth proportions shall be coming in a little over two weeks. Prepare for blingpantz supreme.

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Guest krie

That asian girl grabbing the other girls boob, that is hot.

The other girl needs to lay off some of that white make up.

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Guest Pilau Hands

i was on some birthday weekend laid back dpc smokin and drinkin and eatin in the country action this weekend and i loved it...



but that shit doesn't compare to vegas.


the force is strong with these two.

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