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Graff on DVD?

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The ultimate Primer / Tutorial and Step-by- Step Program on Spray Can Art. Most popular amongst Educators, the series has given outsiders a rare glimpse into the outstanding Art and eclectic personalities behind the controversial Graffiti Art Movement. In GV4, Cleveland, Ohio Artist SANO (two-time winner of The International Graffiti Art Competition) pulls you into the Underground Art form by showing the concepts, aesthetics, techniques, and style needed to complete a perfect semi " Wild Style " masterpiece (on a Legal Wall) as well as Aerosol Art on Canvas. GV4 is a "must-have-Video" for Art Instructors, Art Students, Galleries, Museums, Libraries and Educational Institutions who’ve been bewildered at Spray Can Technique. As a "unique lesson plan," no other program exists in the marketplace of ideas that can compare to the inspiration, skill and intelligence of GV4. STARRING: SANO DIRECTOR: BOB BRYAN PRODUCED BY: BRYAN WORLD PRODUCTIONS, LLC. RELEASE DATE: MAY 24, 2005. Running time is 68 minutes.


I bought this and I am still a toy. WTF?

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Piece by Piece is deffinentaly a movie worth buying especially if your from the Cali regon. Im interested in buying Feel Mode also because i herd its a good bombing movie. plus a few people ive meet b4 are in it.

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can anybody recomend a dvd that features Bucharest I have just got XG mag and its given me a taste for it

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favorite graff dvd


I just watched fuk graf. vol one. It was alright, nothing special, just standard bombing, but still a cool video to watch if ya bored...


heres the link to the full movie (47 mins)




Just saw graff life 3 again. it was on point just for the fishe stuff alone.....props to gl...

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One of the best documentaries about graff-related artist I have ever seen is out on DVD, called






See preview trailer here, click Inside Outside top left corner:



Inside Outside

With just one spot of red paint between the eyes the Parisian artist ZEVS, executes the advertising industry's images of perfect humans. 'People don't think about the force of advertising,' says Zevs and continues, 'But with just one psst I remove the force. No one wants to be identified with a dead person so advertising looses its effect'. ZEVS calls his action 'Visual Attack', and he has executed billboards worth millions around Paris. At the same time, ZEVS is a respected artist who exhibits all around the world. "Inside Outside" follows ZEVS and other so-called street artists from New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen and São Paulo. They all make a living off their art, but they also have an urge to exhibit their work illegally in the streets.


INSIDE OUTSIDE is a film about the energy artists get when working in the street. An energy they're missing when exhibiting in galleries and museums, an energy that brings life to their art and to their own lives.


It´s an energy that's partly caused by the fact that everything these artists do in the street is illegal; "Anything that gives you security is eventually going to restrict you at some point", says Swoon about the art galleries.


The artists featured in INSIDE OUTSIDE all face some kind of dilemma with the restrictions and norms of the society they live in, the forces of the commercial art world and the advertising industry who are looking for the next big thing and want to have their bite of the energy and coolness that the street art scene is brimming with.


Meet among others:

ZEVS / Paris

SWOON / KR / EARSNOT/ New York City


ADAMS & ITSO / Stockholm, Copenhagen

RON ENGLISH / Jersey City


As a bonus it features an interview with Steve Mona, Chief of the NYC Vandal Squad


keep hearing this is out on dvd but i haven't been able to find it anywhere. ive only seen a bootleg version with no subtitles, which was pretty good, but the adams and itso and the sao paulo stuff is what i was most interested in and i dont speak danish or portuguese. does europe or anyone know where i can get a hold of the dvd???

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anyone know anything about state your name 2's release?


state your name 2 isnt going to be released due to those good old vandal squad pigs.. as far as i know the syn office was raided and shut down- but like i said thats as far as i know and who knows if its accurate...


-what a shame

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