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Build your own Grey Album !


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Holla at cha' boy!






The Jay-Z Construction Set is a toolkit with all of the necessary software and raw materials to create a new remix of Jay-Z's Black Album. It includes nine different variations on the Black Album, over 1200 clip art images, and a couple hundred meg of classic samples and breaks. Jay-Z Construction Set is being distributed off-line via CD-ROM and on-line through filesharing networks and protocols such as BitTorrent.


It must be said that the elements necessary to create a full album remix were already in the hands of everyone with an internet connection. All of the music, software, and images included with the Jay-Z Construction Set were found somewhere online. The service that the Jay-Z Construction Set provides is editorial in nature. We are ripping through the information glut in the hopes that it will inspire new artists to add their voices to the cacophony.


Make as much music as possible.

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I knew you'd be up on this seeking.


So far I just grabbed some of the audio editing software from the links on the site.

I'm not really sure where to find the whole package... but I'll start looking.



the clip art would be great!


Clip Art

   * Backgrounds
         o Beach
         o Deserts and Tundras
         o Forests
         o Outer Space
         o Stages
         o Urban
               + Bronx
               + Brooklyn
               + Manhattan
               + Queens
               + Staten
   * Commerce
         o Cash Money
         o Fine Stones
         o Gold
   * Communications
         o Cell_Phones
         o Laptops
         o Mics
         o Pagers
         o Satellites
   * Fashion
         o Bling
         o Rocawear
   * Food and Drink
         o Armadale Vodka
         o Blunts
         o Courvoisier
         o Wine
   * Friends and Family
         o Beyonce
         o Dogs
         o Ladies
         o Pharell
         o Rivals
               + Nas
               + NYPD
         o Rocafella Family
   * Games and Entertainment
   * Personal Photos
   * Tools and Trade
         o Protection
   * Transportation
         o Air
               + Helicopters
               + Learjets
         o Land
               + Jeeps
               + Limos
               + Rims
               + SUVs
         o Misc
               + Beaming
               + Segway
               + Time Machine
         o Sea
               + Jet Ski
               + Yacht

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ok thats wassup.. so now i can use my fruity loops program to make a really colorful musical variation of that called the rainbow album.














so gay



but fun








why didn't they have shit like this ten years ago.



but don't you think this is sort of copying off of Fabolus Street Dreams mix tape idea ?

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