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NARCscent, Inc...

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This should get your attention...hahaha..A bag of fake weed cost more than a real one!!!!






As the inventor of NarcScent I found that on some occasions while attempting to purchase narcotics, the dope dealer would just simply walk or ride away. This was due to his or her belief that I was a cop. I have since spoken with numerous other undercover officers: Their responses were overwhelming! This is a major problem!

As you know, the “war on drugs”, is a never-ending battle and Law Enforcement needs every bit of help it can get.



NarcScent is a very effective tool in this "war on drugs": NarcScent is designed to trick the dope dealer into thinking that you have just smoked REAL marijuana! Drug dealers know that the police are not going to get “high”.


NarcScent gives you an undercover edge! When used as an undercover tool, NarcScent also makes buying crack easy!

• NarcScent is totally organic and is made up of all natural herbs.


• NarcScent is a "Rarefying" product: The thinner the smoke the better and more realistic the smell.


• NarcScent contains no harmful ingredients and contains absolutely NO THC.


• Once you use NarcScent you will never work under cover again without it.


• NarcScent has been successfully tested on the streets of south Florida.


• You can expect an increase in your arrest rate!


• Easy to Use: Simply light the NarcScent stick or Weed until lit, then blow the flame out.


• NarcScent is the most effective undercover tool on the market today!


Watch out now!!


**** damn me for not putting the link... http://www.narcscent.com/

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funny stuff. i wanted to get some as a joke but its pretty expensive and you have to buy a lot of it. like $32 for 1/4 ounce. It would be nice to have some of that stuff laying aorund so if you ever were caught smoking, you could say it was that stuff.

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and what exactly would be your excuse for burning some shit that makes you smell like a dirt bag, but doesnt even get you high?


how about you just dont be stupid and don't get caught smoking bowls behind the dumpster, at the movie theater?

seems ways easier to me.



seeks/that's what basements are for

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Originally posted by ClueTwo

NarcScent also makes buying crack easy!


well shit...I didn't know it was that simple!



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