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Originally posted by EarMuffs

whats your user name




whew...all of that just flew past my head...you must all know each other...or did something happen b4 i came on here? i'm lost...oh well...haha silly newbie me

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Originally posted by Tyler Durden

that was very confusing and springer-esque.




ever noticed how most psychologists

turn out to be more fucked up and confused people than their patients

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I had an ex "hang out" with her friend friends boyfriend and boyfriends friend who she knew had a thing for her so that it would "even out the numbers." They went to a movie, he paid, they went to dinner he pulled out her chair and paid. She came home, I told her to sit on the corner with the recycling bins to "even out the numbers..." I know that has nothing to do with the topic, I'm unemployed and have lost 90 dollars gambling in the past 2 days. thats off topic too...

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roflmao:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: el mamerro that was classic.



kettie, on a serious note. the whoel respect issue does come into play though. seriously, would you do that to one of your friends? i sure hope not. i know that if one of my friends ever tried to pull that shit that theyd be some fucked up looking kids after im done flogging them with one of there arms. (homoblock:on) can ya really trust a friend like that to be there for you when she cant respect you on a small level like that.

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob

Are your friends fat?


If so, you should impose a friendship tax.


:lol: mamerro and pmb.


how can you come on here and ask for some drama help and actually be taken seriously??


this puzzles me very much so.

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Originally posted by Kettiecat

and on a side note it was one of my fat friends that originally brought up the fat tax issue with me...


Why do they hate themselves?


And why do they hate America?


They're just helping the terrorists.

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