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if you could PUNCH anyone in the world, who would it be?

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lets get straight to the point...


Justin Timberlake: Ex boy band fag turned tryhard rapper lil bitch who gets all the mad girls we can't get.


Generally all boy bands actually.


The whole of The Lord Of The Rings cast: Getting to the point of annoying, too many fanatics.


Think that's just about it.

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Originally posted by Æ°

And where?



Scott McClellan


I'd punch this guy really hard in the neck. Right as he's spewing hot bloody liquid shit from of his mouth in the form of denial and nuzzling up to George Bush's scaly evil dragon head penis until they drag humanity as a whole into an ambitious downward spiral of regression towards nonexistence. Only thing worse than Bush is a flaky follower, at least Bush is dedicated and knows what he wants, he's doing it as we speak/type. This guy is completely bitchmade and traded his free will, self respect, and manhood for the smooth empty nut sack of an infant and a paycheck from the Whitehouse.





What neck would that be? All I see is a few chins :king:

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Originally posted by Rodney Trotter

You going to be at the pub in a bit SE?




Straight home for me fella, had a late one last night and woke up to find a whopper with cheese meal in the bed too..Not a pretty site..

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my list is long..................

every emo fag who says they listen to punk

all the members of good charlette

simple plan

the used

dashboard confessional

bin laden


lil' jon(he ruins songs in my opinion)

and ashton crutche:idea: :idea:

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